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Lifestyle Medicine … where did the meat go?

Edited to add,this is a long one, more history of diet than anything else.

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When an article starts off with:

You know it’s gonna be good. :grin:

Thanks for sharing this @collaroygal!


Yes, great article. Thanks!

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I particularly like the last line.

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Meat was considered a toxic stimulant that corrupted moral values and led not only men, but women and children to the act of ‘Self-Vice’.

Love it! Though as far as I can tell, and at least in the case of men, everything leads to the act of “self-vice.”

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Yup… that “self-vice” was gonna make a person blind, insane, nervous, give 'em cancer, and drain them of their vital force, all according to a certain religious figure of the 1800’s that also seemed to think women wearing wigs was gonna cause them to go insane as it raised the temperatures of those animal parts of the brain… Oh, there’s more if a person wants to go digging… UUGGHH!!!

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You forgot hairy palms. . . . :grin:

(Made you look, didn’t I, lol!)

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A certain person who said a bunch of that, first name Ellen, I don’t think she mentioned that one. But if someone had said it before her, I feel rather confident it would have been plagiarized and noted with an “I was shown”…

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John Harvey Kellog invented cornflakes specifically because he believed it would inhibit the carnal sin and pleasure of sexual desire? :joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy:

“… For girls, he was known to apply carbolic acid to the clitoris to burn it and discourage touching. …” Really?


…another thing to add to the ever-growing list of f@$&ed up deeds humanity has done in the name of religion.

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It seems he thought they would be good for suppressing it - because they were so bland - rather than inventing them for that specific purpose.

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That’s why they invented Tony The Tiger, now they’re GREAT! Lot’s of SUGARY goodness!


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I guess Kellog didn’t know about the Dutch phrase, “Wat je zegt ben jezelf, met je kop door de helft”

Google translate will butcher it.

It basically says “you are what you claim others are” roughly translated.

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FYI; I picked that up from a celebrity, some guy that used to be a VJ on MTV. I don’t actually speak Dutch. But put me in the Netherlands for a few hours and I’ll sound like a local trying to speak English with a Dutch accent. It’s one of my superpowers.

I unintentionally pick up accents and people think I’m a local. It’s happened to me in England, Scotland, Spain, Korea and Turkey. Currently I sound like I’m living in Korea. As it’s not just accent, but verbal ticks as well. I’m noticing I’m dropping words from scentences like my wife does. It’s difficult to get her to use a complete scentence. She assumes I can read minds I guess. From the other room I hear, “I can’t reach the, you get it down”. I walk in and ask get what? And she says, “gosh, the thing you know what I need! What am I doing in here!” To which I reply, “I don’t know, I just got here”. Then she says, “Kkkkcccchhhhh, pabo hana pishmi sshe gochu, hhah!” (Yes, I made those words up, but I swear it sounded like she wanted to cut off one gochu and throw it into the sea. But that first word isn’t really a word. It’s a sound Koreans make when frustrated (I think) and it sounds like they are preparing loogey.) Did I ever mention I live a colorful life! :cowboy_hat_face:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: