Being taken to most recent replies


No matter if I’ve actually visited a thread before, when I click on a topic, I am often (almost always) taken to the most recent post in that thread. I understand why that would make sense if I have read the thread before. But when I haven’t, I have to navigate back to the first post to read the original question which gets a bit annoying on very long threads.

Is there a preference or something I can change so I can read the question before I see the answer?

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I know there is a post count bar at the bottom that if you tap on that you can scroll to the top quickly

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Hmmmm… I can’t find a reason for that at the moment. Once I get home and can look on my laptop rather than phone I’ll try again.

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Instead of scrolling, it you click on the top purple bar that says the thread’s title, it will automatically take you to the beginning. No scrolling.


I understand there may be ways to get to the top but my question is why is it doing that? It’s not supposed to, correct? Shouldn’t I be taken to the first post I haven’t read yet?

As a newbie, by default, every post is new to me and not being able to see the question before the answers is just a bit frustrating. I’m enjoying the forums and I’m finding them useful but I have stopped reading the fifth or sixth time in a row I’ve clicked on a thread and I’ve been taken to post 1,000.

I do realize it’s not the end of the world. I just need to know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug maybe?


Here’s a screen recording on my phone to illustrate.

(Not sure that’s going to work to show the video so here’s the link.)

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Okay, that is weird. I can’t see any settings that would change it either. I’m going to ask some other admins and see what they think.

Thanks for the video too! Nice to be able to see what you are experiencing!

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Okay, don’t hate me… But until I can find a better answer…

Have you tried signing out and back in?


It always takes me to the first post if I have not read it before or to the first post I have not read if I have read the first ones. I’m using a desktop computer and Firefox on Windows 7

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First off, kudos for the video screen capture of your problem. Most helpful.

I cannot replicate what you’re seeing. My general advice is to try to clear your browser cache:

Are you on IOS or Android?

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I use the forum on my laptop. Have you tried your account on anything besides your phone with the same results?


I’m using iOS on an iPhone X.


The ‘ole “restart your computer”-type solution. :smile:

Yes, I’ve tried that.


It’s functions properly on my laptop.

I have a feeling I’m going to be relying on it on my phone though since my laptop isn’t with me all the time.

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Good to know. It helps figure out what’s happening. Let us keep investigating.

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Have you checked your preferences or made any changes to them. Is this something that’s been happening since you began using the mobile version or is this new?

(less is more, more or less) #17

Restart computer is one thing, but have you tried clearing the browser cache yet? That’s not the same thing.

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It works fine on my iPhone 6, the only time it behaves like you are saying is on the food catagory since I switched it to watching all topics in that category. If someone posts something new on an old thread it takes me right to it. :cowboy_hat_face:

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She doesn’t mean she restarted it, she was responding to me with my sign out/in suggestion and included the restart joke.

I’m not sure how clearing the cache would help here… but I do also do that when weird things I can’t figure out are happening, so worth a shot.


Yes I cleared the cache.