Being taken to most recent replies


I just made a bunch of preferences changes. I switched the “Consider topics new when:” preference from “created in the last two days” which I think is the default to “I haven’t viewed them yet.”

Doesn’t really address my very specific issue but seems related so maybe it’ll trigger something.

I changed some appearance-related preferences yesterday, like color scheme and font size, but I’m pretty sure I was experiencing the issue prior to that.

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I was able to find another user of Discourse who had the same issue. The response to him was that the initial install of the software to his mobile must have been “broken” or had “broken customizations”. Are you using a different skin in mobile than you are using on your laptop? If so, change settings to make everything on both the same.

If this doesn’t help you may have to uninstall from mobile and reinstall.


Interesting. I’m going to dig into that a little more and see what happens if I purposefully set something to “watch.”

Are using Safari or Chrome?

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Safari. :cowboy_hat_face:


When you say “install” what are you referring to installing? I’m looking at the forums in a browser on my phone.

Is there an app to install? I’d love that.

I selected the option to have the skin work across all platforms so it is the same.

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Don’t we wish!

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You’re right, I had my mind on an app. I was thinking of it incorrectly.

Let me keep digging. The person who had the problem said he could click on any random thread on his phone and it would take him to the most recent regardless of whether he’d ever clicked on it before. But on his computer it took him to his last read. I’m not finding anyone else having the issue. The response was that it was “installed” incorrectly so now I’m confused.


Okay, so after I changed that “Consider topics new when” preference, I can’t seem to duplicate the problem. Not sure if that fixed it but whatever it was, as long as it sticks, I’m happy.

Thanks all for your help, btw!

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Great! Thanks for bringing it up. We’ll know how to help the next person who has this problem. Also, thanks for the great video, super helpful!


Just look up “Discourse” in the App Store.

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Let us know here if you have any more issues with it.

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A stale browser cache can lead to all sorts of inexplicable behavior. There’s a thread on the site about making what @TimeForMe’s experience the default for anonymous users.

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Look at all the time we gave to @TimeForMe. I’d say that’s quiet a prophetic forum handle. :wink:


I downloaded Discourse and it’s really just a way to bookmark the site so it shows up in a browser window. Putting the link directly on my phone screen is faster and essentially the same thing. Worth a try though! Thank you!


Hahaha! That’s funny! :joy:


Yeah, I think it’s a progressive web app. Same for Android. It’s still using Chrome, but kinda puts it in a separate skin, like it’s a stand-alone app.

I still use it, because you can use it for separate Discourse forums, if you follow more than one, and switch between them easily.


It’s def a progressive web app but even so, it seems to do the bare minimum. The mobile browser version is better without it. But, like you said, if you participate in several Discourse forums, it would be much more useful.


I had that exact same thought, when I started using it.