(Clive Butler) #1

Has anyone tried this, from Malta…very exotic

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #2

I know I just replied on the FB group but for the sake of completeness here is the reply again:

Clive I am actually from Malta. The Cisk beer is great and has won numerous international awards however do note that one can of the low carb version has just under 5grams of carbs.

(Clive Butler) #3

Thanks Mark
We’re all in a bit of a limbo land between the two systems.
Are you in Malta or the UK, I am looking for somewhere in the UK I can buy this, other than amazon

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #4

@Clive I am in Malta. Unfortunately there was a Maltese owned shop in London that has now closed down. But I do know some people who have used this site to get Cisk:

Hope that helps.