Beef heart

(BuckRimfire) #1

I recently picked up a half cow’s heart that the local meat farm’s stall at the farmers’ market. Cut it into three strips, sprinkled with a little salt, black pepper, Aleppo chili flake and garlic salt, grilled until lightly browned and just not pink.

Unsurprisingly, since cardiac muscle has structure distinct from either smooth muscle or skeletal muscle, the texture was a bit distinct from other beef: not extremely tender, but not fibrous or tough either. The exception was an area that was a little tougher near the top; maybe the intersection between the ventricle and the atrium?

I liked it and will be looking for more!

(Bacon is better) #2

To me, it appeared and tasted just like any other roast beef. And I agree, the tougher area was probably either a boundary between regions of the heart, or else verging on where an artery passed through.

(Bob M) #3

Did what you buy look like this?


Or was the (quite hard) fat already off?

(BuckRimfire) #4

It was a section of the heart. Probably not a half, maybe a quarter. The fascia on the outside was gone, and most of the fat.

(Bob M) #5

That’s how you find it a lot. It’s easier to cook that way.