Beef dripping



In the last 24 hours I have finally experienced the revelation that is using beef drippings for cooking. So far I have enjoyed roasted broccoli and eggs scrambled in beef dripping and it’s safe to say this has to be a staple fat for me now.

Does anyone have any UK experience to share on best sources for this type of fat, and maybe some other fats I can try that offer the same magic in terms of lifting the flavour of whatever you are cooking?

I can’t believe it’s taken me two years to finally try it but I suppose it’s that sub-conscious bias we’ve all been programmed with (saturated fat is bad etc)

(Allie) #2

I buy blocks of beef dripping in Tesco for next to nothing

(bulkbiker) #3

I usually get these

great stuff with little “taste” so works with anything… great for roast veg.

(Allie) #4

I would struggle with this as I rescue and look after geese, swans, ducks etc… I know it’s a bit backwards in some ways as I eat other meat products, but I couldn’t eat my furry four-leggeds either…

(bulkbiker) #5

Oops sorry… !

(Allie) #6

Your preference is your preference… :grinning: just don’t ask me to… :open_mouth:

(Duncan Kerridge) #7

Wait, what? Why haven’t I tried this yet!? Off to the supermarket I go.

It’s only 70p for a 250g pack in Sainsburys

(matt ) #8

Is this just the British name for tallow?

(Allie) #9

Yes I believe so

(matt ) #10

Cool. I use this one.


Is grass fed commanding a significant premium? No idea if the stuff I have is grass fed.

(matt ) #12

It was not cheap but it was there so we bought it. It’s lasted a good while. Personally I don’t much care about grass fed. I would buy other tallow just the same.

(Tubeman) #13

Got a bunch of suet when I bough a quarter cow recently, ended up rendering it all down and making a beef short rib confit. Confit’d a roast too, which was good, but those ribs were fantastic.

(Cywgdave) #14

Got a recipe or link to one by chance? We got a 1/2 grass fed cow with a bunch (9lbs) of suet. And I love beef ribs. Carl’s Pressure Cooker Beef ribs are currently my favorite but always up for something new.



Check with your local butcher/s.
My butcher gives me suet & pork fat whenever I want (need to email him ahead of time so he can put some aside for me) and I just render it myself. easy to do.
Also… get some good butter (I have a local dairy I get mine from) & make Gee!