Beef cheek


Sous vide beef cheek - still pink and juicy inside, but could eat it with a spoon

(Stacy Blanchard) #2

Looks great. I’ll be right over. :fork_and_knife:

(Sophie) #3

SV how long, and what temp? I’d totally do that!

(Sybella) #4

that looks really good.

(Ellen) #5

Damn that looks good!

(UsedToBeT2D) #6

No sous vide here, but slow cooker. Par fry carrots and celery with minced garlic and salt in bacon fat in frying pan, about 5 minutes. Remove to slow cooker. Then brown cheek all sides in same fat frying pan. Into the cooker. Add some red vine vinegar, Italian seasoning, black pepper, dried minced onion. A little olive oil. Low heat, 4 hrs. Discard veggies after cooking. Picture is start of slow cook.