Beef Bones and Pork Bones?

(Jenn W) #1

I found myself digging through the local grocery store deli and I found lots and lots of beef necks! Super cheap too!
Obviously I’ve got bone broth on my to do list now.

My question is if you guys mix bones for broth or stick to one type?

I’m making pork ribs for tonight and realized I should save my bones for broth! Can I mix them with the beef necks? Or do I keep my pigs and cows in separate pots!! Argh!! Someone help before I put the whole farmyard in my slow cooker!!


I’ve mixed pork and beef bones before. No harm in that. I like the flavour. In fact, I even like the flavour of meatballs when blending ground pork and beef. It works! Go for it!

(Bacon for the Win) #3

I throw em all in. Sometimes I have lamb too. Give em a broil first, brings out a nice rich flavor.