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New here, but regular exerciser. I had been doing a 16:8 fast before keto and taking BCAAs in the morning during/after workout to help fuel muscles. Does anyone do that on keto? Is it necessary? Is a bullet proof coffee better to have before?

I’ve been on keto just 3 weeks. I couldn’t exercise the first week and a half as I was so fatigued, but now I’m exercising and feel great. Weights 3x a week and slow run 2x a week.

Love any ideas best for keto?


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I remember taking BCAA way, way back and was astonished at the performance gain I experienced in time and energy. It wasn’t cheap, so I didn’t reorder it. Now, a year into Keto, I feel no need to take this, or any other supplement (i.e., MCT Oil) Keto is about righting your body through our many-times-a-day medicine, FOOD; since we’ve treated our bodies so badly through the standard American diet for nearly a century.

Some quick googling strongly suggests an ambivalent answer. Since you’re new to Keto, I’d suggest reducing the supplements to zero (unless you medically must) and let your body use your stored fat for energy. Brushing up on the principals behind Keto, fat-burning and metabolism will greatly help you clarify such things.

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Good suggestion, thanks. I was trying to sort out when to take the BCAA and then the MTC oil etc. I think I’ll just do my normal workout and then have my MTC oil with my coffee straight after and see how we go. I’ve watched some great videos suggesting muscle growth increases with ketones, so excited to see what this alone might do.

Cheers again…

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Most experts agree Keto and IF go hand and hand. Thats what I do. I train 100% fasted, just a little caffeine and off I go to do deadlifts - BCAA are not necessary and in my case will break my fast which I prefer not to for obvious health benefits of fasting/growth hormone output, fat loss, etc. Besides, if you eat a well balanced diet you will get the needed BCAA’s from food.

Have you tried fasted training all together?