Bbq sauce/allulose

(chad) #1

so i found that sweet baby ray’s has a new bbq . Its 1 g net carbs. I don’t know much about allulose tho. Its not a sugar alcohol but it’s not sugar.

How do I handle this. Is it really 1g net carb?

What do yall think and has anyone tried it?


Allulose is a sugar, but has nearly no digestible component (1/10th that of regular sugar). But because it’s listed on nutritional labels as part of the carbohydrates, there’s no way to subtract it out (I think this is changing). But most products using Allulose will state the net carbs on their packaging.

(chad) #3

So its safe to subtract it from the total carbs?



(Bob M) #5

I use these types of sauces every once in a while. For instance, when I want something – anything – to make meat taste a bit different. I don’t use them that often.

And, because I use so little of the stuff, I have even used “real” BBQ sauce before. Now, though, it’s easier to find the low carb variety in stores.

(chad) #6

Ya im not using much. Maybe 6-8 table spoons for a meal between 2 people at most. I have a 0 carb mustard/vinegar base sauce I usually use with no sweetner in it. We just wanted to make Texas twinkies with a little bit of a sweet sauce

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Like these?

(chad) #8

Yep just like them

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(Bob M) #10

Nice. We make something similar, although using different peppers and meat, and without smoking them.

I may have to try this, making some with jalapenos and some with milder peppers.

(Bacon for the Win) #11

we use this one which seems to be ok. It has sucralose. I also use the ketchup for my salad dressing recipe because it’s much easier than making my own.


(Bob M) #12

That is the one the store happened to have (they seem to be carrying more low carb stuff). I THINK I got the “original”, but I can’t remember.

We bought “unsweetened” ketchup (from a major brand) that’s also sweetened with sucralose. I think it’s good, though I honestly only use it in recipes. I usually add mustard to sandwiches, hot dogs, etc., though I did try a combination of mustard and ketchup and liked it. It’s just that I haven’t had ketchup in so long, I’ve gotten used to not eating it.

(Bacon for the Win) #13

up and at it early today. Good thing I set an alarm, I sleep like the dead when I stay at my son’s house. Going on a day long dee-sea fishing trip with a woman from work. She goes all the time and also T2D and keeps keto. I like that, “keeps ketp.” Sort like “keeps kosher” but with more bacon.

Anyhow, the boat reports getting a ton of fish every trip so I’m excited about this. Nothing like a freezer full of fresh haddock.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had haddock.

(Bacon for the Win) #16

it’s a fairly mild cold-water white fish. Forget the freezer full, I caught a whopping three fish all day.

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(Central Florida Bob ) #18

Well, I’m late to the party, but you asked if anyone used it…

This showed up maybe a month ago at the local Publix and am using my second bottle of it. I’m not wild about the flavor, but I do like conventional tomato-based barbecue sauce from time to time. It strikes me as a bit too sweet out of the bottle, but it’s easy to doctor. Honestly, I hardly every use anything right out of the bottle.

I cooked some “country ribs” (slices of a pork shoulder) in it last night, I just doctored the flavor a lot. No exact measurements were taken, I just played. Added some worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, garlic and onion powders. It was better after cooking than before.

I don’t count care about that carb at all. I probably ate more of it tasting it as I doctored it than on the pork. I doubt if I had the two Tbsp serving.

(Bob M) #19

I’ve tried to make my own, but the recipe I used turned out too tomato-y, and created way too much. I doctored part of it and got it better, but I figure for the number of times I use this, I might as well buy it instead.

I make a nice mustard sauce for BBQ, which uses (brown) sugar. I replace some but not all of the sugar with artificial sweetener (sometimes “white” sometimes fake brown). But at the amount I use this, it’s not a lot of carbs.

(Central Florida Bob ) #20

I have that a couple of those Tee shirts.

I personally believe that barbecue is at least two of the four basic good groups, and I like all sorts of barbecue sauces; tomato based, mustard based, vinegar based and mayonnaise based. (Is that all of them?) I’ll combine them in the same meal, too.

The last time I smoked a pork butt, I used Swerve brown sugar in the rub in one for one substitute. It worked well.