Bbq sauce/allulose

(Bob M) #21

I also use vinegar based (again, with reduced sugar).

I’m not overly fond of mayo (even “good” mayo), so we usually don’t do that one.

Interesting about the pork butt. I was thinking maybe allulose would work well, since it will brown. However, what we usually do (don’t tell anyone) is just use regular brown sugar. When it’s all said and done, and I’m smoking 5+ pounds of meat, there’s not a lot of sugar on what I actually eat. And so much falls off.

I also use a sous vide recipe (sous vide with rub for a long time), and then cool, dry, put more rub on, then smoke a short time. There’s really no way to know how much rub is on there.

I also think if you’re one of those people who count calories/carbs, this is one of those instances where you have to give up. It’s impossible to know how much you’re getting.

(Central Florida Bob ) #22

You got that right! And I’ve used real light brown sugar many times. Like you say, you’re smoking an eight or 10 pound hunk of meat that has about 1/2 cup of sugar on it. How much sugar are you getting?

We make our own mayonnaise, like lots of folks around here, and have put in some different seasonings. For the Alabama white, in addition to the usual salt and black pepper, I add ACV, garlic and onion powders and even horseradish. There’s some magic chemistry in there because it goes from very liquid into a gel.


Wow. I always see people be crazy about mayo and I am just here, loving eggs and having them all the time and not liking mayo at all (and I tried to do my own. it wasn’t bad when I used more egg yolk than fat and the fat was lard but that’s probably not mayo :smiley: but I don’t even want that). I always felt an outsider…

I kind of give up tracking when I eat much fatty meat to begin with… Impossible, even the meat is a mystery though it may be not so horrible at that point so I guess something. But when some fat get out and we add things or there are various different parts… It’s over. (But at least the carbs are fine unless we add too much carby stuff.)

(Bob M) #24

That’s interesting. I might have to look for a recipe. I like horseradish – even preparing my own at times – so that could be a nice sauce.

The part I often have a hard time with is the sizes. Even the vinegar version we use is too much. We use so little of it, and it makes so much. I guess it does survive a while in the fridge, though.

(Bob M) #25

Well, I was on very low fat for a long time, so no mayo there. And that’s transferred over to keto. Also, I went from very high fat to low fat for a while. Had mayo, then gave it up.

I’m still conflicted about how much fat we have to eat, especially if the fat is something completely made up (not from an animal). But I do like blue cheese dressing with my hot wings.

I just find that for most things, I’d rather have mustard or even nothing, rather than mayo. Sorry, keto folk! I apologize. I even have stopped eating bacon, unless it’s in a recipe. Gah!

If I do eat higher fat, I tend toward the higher saturated fat, and the oils don’t give me that.


I always ate very high-fat but not mayo. Mom used sour cream with mustard in the place of mayo for a popular salad… I love sour cream and vinegar, mustard seeds too so it was very nice for me.

I don’t eat bacon. I do eat smoked pork from a lovely local farm though, not very much.

I minimize added fat since ages as I tend to overeat fat and certain types (added fat and cream) aren’t satiating for me. Fatty protein sources and fat tissue are fine, I use lard, butter and cream but in really small amounts on most days. My fat intake may vary a lot but as long as the vast majority of it comes with my protein (eggs, meat, cheese but that’s not much), I need the food and I don’t eat very much unnecessary much protein, it’s good. So I don’t care about the exact number as my experiences tell me it’s not important for me.