BBC News: Canada's healthy-eating guide fights to stay relevant

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BBC News: Canada’s healthy-eating guide fights to stay relevant

Canada’s healthy-eating guide fights to stay relevant -

This was published on the UK’s BBC website under the US & Canada section earlier today. Some changes in the guide are going to be made and I hope that they ‘look at the science’, however, … food historian Ian Mosby says that ‘if the guide is to remain relevant, it must be backed up with policy changes that makes healthy eating more affordable and puts limits on sugars and fats in foods.’

It sounds like some lobbying for ketogenic principles needs to be included as well as a reduction in inputs from companies with the vested interests.

Are any Canada voters and residents able to petition their Members of Parliament, or the Health Minister Jane Philpott, to help them make the right change?


200 doctors sent a petition to the government a couple of weeks ago…there is some motion going on behind the scenes

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Health Canada held public consultations online in the summer and you can bet I certainly provided my input that dietary guidelines need to be based on science and not what is best for businesses. Its going to be an uphill battle thought. The entire middle of this country grows wheat and other grain crops…and its a big place.

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Here’s the link to the letter these 200 doctors and allied health professionals sent to the federal health minister, provincial health ministers, and the CBC. There is also an AMA on this on reddit. The doctors who initiated this strongly feel that the current public consultation questions do not offer the opportunity to provide broad enough feedback.

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Canada despite a big wheat industry are making vital steps forward, OK can query the questions etc but the direction of travel is clear.


Well, here is an example how Canada’s economy is behind more grain and pulses trade and export. Vancouver has plans to build new port for grain exportation: