Baristas: Whole milk rules and soy milk drools

(Stickin' with mammoth) #1

If you like froth on your latte, you’re in luck. Ketoers have a natural edge when asking for the full moo. But get this:

“Cream has the highest fat content and is not used in a latte because the result is often too rich, and a lot of people find it too heavy to finish a cup."

I nearly spit out my coffee when I read that, but that would’ve wasted my “too rich” 40% whipping cream. I guess the director of education for Coffee Project NY ain’t keto.


I am not the type who ever understood the “too rich” concept. This is not for cream but in general. I understand one can’t eat something rich alone (like a rich beef stew) or if they need a smallish amount but rich is COOL for me. I want things to be rich :slight_smile:

How could cream make something too rich? What about using less? Or people want more milk protein and less milk fat? That actually makes sense… But putting an enjoyable amount of cream into a coffee won’t make it super fatty… But tastes are different, I can respect that.

And our highest fat cream is 30%. Unfair. It’s enough for me (even too much, I mean I can’t afford so much fat so I avoid cream along with all added fat… well, very minimize the use and try to avoid if it’s not totally needed) but STILL. I always was into the highest-fat dairy. 25% sour cream (most are 20% though, that’s nice too), 3.6% milk (or more but I never know the percentage for the raw milk), 10% yogurt… Nowadays even 80% butter isn’t so obvious (though I refuse to call it butter if it’s 60%, it’s watered down butter, an abomination. butter is already watery enough)…

I usually put butter into my coffee now that rarely use cream (just a tad and at least one yolk). My current mug has mascarpone though, that’s 40% but firmer so harder to mix in…


I’ve never understood the whole “too rich” thing either. Guess I’m just lucky I don’t have a particularly delicate stomach :smiley:
Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, there is pretty much no dish on this planet which couldn’t be improved by the addition of either butter, cream or sour cream (or mayo in a pinch), lol.


I roughly agree with you :smiley: I would mention mustard and yolk too (even paprika but only for certain dishes now) - though yolk is already in almost every food I am willing to eat so it’s not really an addition…