Bargain at Iceland today; 90 eggs for £3.90


(Jamie Brown) #1

Bought all the eggs at Iceland that were reduced, came out to be £0.65 per 15 eggs. Absolute bargain.
Also managed to grab 500g pork mince for £1.13. A lot of people often say “the carnivore diet is expensive”, It really isn’t if you look around for bargains, sometimes I think people just say that as another excuse.

Obligatory terrible images incoming:

(Karen) #2

Thats a great bargain. The local Iceland near me closed down a couple of Saturdays ago. I don’t tend to use it. Have you got The Company Shop near you? I don’t know what area you are in but it is great for cheap meat.


I live in Hungary but a lot of things I say is true anyway.

Great prices. But what people consider proper carnivore would be impossibly expensive for me :slight_smile:
I could buy a steak (just the meat, not at a restaurant) using up my food money for 3 days…
Beef is only cheap cut, once a month for me.

And even me, being poor refuse “normal” eggs. I need them from good sources and they are never that cheap. Cheap enough, here, I heard about more expensive places.

I don’t have problems with certain meats (except chicken is horribly tasteless. but I am not sensitive to some kind of meat. some people are)… So it’s easy for me. Carnivore is my cheapest diet ever. But it can be done in an expensive way even with a few understandable limits or preference or something.

Occasional sales are great but we don’t have that all the time everywhere. I almost only buy meat on sale but I can’t find as good ones as the above. And I can only find really good ones because I go to a city every month. If I had to buy stuff in the village, my food would be significantly more expensive.

But yep, we can be creative, use things, not being choosy helps too (chicken is so cheap I don’t understand why poor people don’t eat meat about all the time… at least chicken lovers. I hate commercial chicken)…

(Jamie Brown) #4

Shame to hear about your local Iceland closing down. Funnily enough, the one I went to recently opened up. No, never heard of the company shop. Had a quick look on the site, appears the closest one to me is in Leicester.

(Allie) #5

From caged hens, I’d rather go without than support that cruelty, and from a health perspective, the quality is poor too. I’m all for keeping costs down but not at the expense of welfare.

(Karen) #6

Well worth a visit. They seem to take all sorts on their membership now, I got mine through my job but since then they started taking people on benefits. I popped to ours today and there as so much meat on half the marked price, I bagged myself a kilo of lamb ribs also cooked whole chicken, pork loin chops such great value.

(Jill Carter) #7

I get the bargain bit, but I really have to add that it’s only a bargain in terms of money on the face of it. There’s quality to take into account too and neither of these items seem to be outdoor bred/free range at the very least (and grass fed/pastured at best) and that brings the whole issue of omega 3/6 balance into play, as well as the other nutrients and lastly - but most importantly the welfare aspect for the chickens and pigs. A life lived as a food source is not what any of us would want to be, but a thoroughly miserable life in nightmarish conditions throughout is not something that I would support now I know about it. I too would rather go without for their sakes and mine too.

(Karen) #8

Unfortunately not everyone has the income to be able to buy organic or grass-fed! Great if you have then everything’s all good but some people need to shop around.

(Allie) #9

Agreed, but as I said above, I would rather go without than add to the cruelty involved with caged hens.

(Jill Carter) #10

It really is shocking what happens to the majority of farmed hens and other animals. We need to eat and yes, we need to be able to afford our food too, it’s a major conflict. But seeing things like this… well, ethics kick in don’t they? I’d still go without rather than knowingly support this level of inhumanity. Plus, unhealthy animals never equal healthy food.

(Ronnie) #11

That looks like an abomination of creation.

And we are responsible.

(Ronnie) #12

I eat chicken all the time btw…just would like them properly farmed and sourced.

(Allie) #13

Those who buy caged eggs yes… :frowning:
This little hen was called Poppy and despite getting the best care possible after her rescue, she didn’t even survive a year after being so badly broken by the industry.