BANNED POST: Tips for newbies from a 5 year low-carber



true and makes ya wonder like you are. 1 cup blueberries is like 21g carbs and 1 cup pineapple is like 22g carbs. No difference in my eyes cause sugar is sugar but you are right, ‘they advocate’ LC fruit but limit it to a few…why? Honestly I have no idea :crazy_face:

Only thing I can think is instead of saying ‘go by carbs’ they ‘show to eat this’ and use a ‘berry’ as a common food…pineapples are not grown around many areas and have to be bought flown in and maybe they are thinking local produce only? A reach on that one HAHA I think also some fruits are just forgotten, ahhh, sad bad fruits :shushing_face:

and reddit carnivore, omg they are the dumbest mods controlling that site. I had a massive fight with them cause they said I could not talk about adaption times when one changes over cause it is not talking about eating meat. ALL they chat is eat meat. DONE! Won’t talk any other part of the lifestyle. I gotta say r/carnivore is useless LOL run people from that site!! I second @BuckRimfire, our r/carnivore is run by bigger dicks :skull_and_crossbones: never checked the other eating lifestyles tho.


What. But it’s totally related. And we are humans. Not just a mouth or something… How silly!
They should have their r/we-eat-meat-and-do-nothing-else or something.
The place was pretty boring to me back then, without all the color and… humanness of carnivore threads in this site. I like to see the other human, not just a super tiny part of them. We are homo sapiens, social, playful and everything. Not some distant, cold, factual beings.
In some cases I understand talking about one tiny thing, sure. If I wanna read about making a table on some forum, I don’t need the personality of the other one (it’s welcomed though) but our woe is a too big part of our life and affects so many things.

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This was a mistake I made. I had a nice suit that had 43 inch pants (waist size, US). I got down to 34s (now, back up to 36s but also much more muscular). It would have been nice to put on the 43s and take a picture.

But we gave the suit away, as it was nice and barely worn.


I think newbies should measure blood ketones to correlate ‘how they feel’ to some measurable feedback.

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I’ve tried with a few Keto Facebook groups too, not going to lie, they boil my piss.

I find the problem with them is mostly the hierarchy of pretentious narcissistic moderators who believe they are in charge and are the only source of information.

I’ve asked questions, put forward ideas and feedback on conversations, food, science, whatever, sometimes just played devil’s advocate on a theme, and am generally just responded to with a “these are the rules of the page - if you don’t like it f@ck off / we will delete you” type affair.

This website is a lot more accessible in terms of fluid conversation and general readable info.