Bang Energy Drink - Keto Coffee Flavor


(Troy) #1

I decided to have to have TWO cans

Since this is Keto friendly - per the label
And I enjoy their other energy drinks w added Sucralose

More importantly, this great offering keeps me below my 20 total carbs for today on OMAD
Bcuz that’s how I roll

All the ingredients listed are SO Keto friendly as well
Especially the carrageenan, I need that to function properly

I didn’t partake
Saw this at a local convenience store
HAD to look and inquire!!

(Ashley) #2

I’ve never had the coffee. But I will admit I have had the bang energy drinks, it doesn’t deter me weight loss wise so I have one maybe every few weeks when I feel in the mood for something! I’m not used to caffeine though so it does give me the jitters.

(Troy) #3

Guilty as well🙂

They are tasty, just about ALL the other flavors imho
It’s been awhile since I had one though

(Ashley) #4

Few weeks for me as I’m trying to have less artificial sweeteners! But most of them are decently flavored. I will admit one lasts me all day because of the sweetness so usually I will keep it in the fridge and have some here and there!