Bandaid Breath


I have recently started experiencing what I can only describe as “bandaid breath”, like I have been chewing on old school plastic bandaids. I thought it was from fasting, but when it started I had ended an extended water (with a little broth last 2 days fast) and it started after I ate. Now I am doing the shorter 42 hr fasts and today it came back…has anyone else experienced this?

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So what exactly is that? Acetone or ammonia? Or just plain compost breath? The answer makes a big difference.


I wish I knew. When it happened the first time I had eaten lots of salmon after refeeding with broth to start. Then it happened again and I had fasted, broke with sauerkraut. Today I am 24 hrs fasted and it’s happening. It’s not a “bad” or “offensive” taste/smell, just definitely not what I would consider healthy/normal :neutral_face:

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OK. Distinct acetone (‘fruity’ or ‘nail polish’) indicates breakdown of a lot of acetoacetate ketone. Distinct ammonia (obvious) indicates high protein breakdown. ‘Compost’ breath stinks like a compost pile: rotting sort of stuff, earthy) indicates digestive issues and/or intestinal fermentation. Where does ‘band-aide’ fit in?


I did a lot of searching online and even tried ‘plastic breath’ instead, didn’t find much…lots of other weird breath and associated health stuff, but nothing that seems to match.


Alright…might be far fetched as I didn’t dig for scientific evidence to back this up, but one thing I have done recently that is new was drinking sparkling water (one can in a day of no calorie/no sweetener just water and carbonation). I saw an article about that stuff potentially changing the pH balance in your mouth. I still have it today though and haven’t had any since yesterday morning so…? Who knows. I guess I should be grateful that it’s not “bad” breath, it actually makes my breath kind of sterile and clean :rofl:

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Great, hopefully it is just that then!

I have an ammonia smell coming from me at times, not sure if it is coming from my body (sweat) or my breath, but not sure if this is bad.

@amwassil -Michael, when you say this is high protein breakdown --is this a bad thing, what should I do, or is it okay or?

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I don’t know how ‘bad’ it is per se, but I’d cut back on protein until it goes away. @PaulL has knowledge about it.

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@David_Stilley might know too? He is the one that upped my fats and proteins =) on my eating days. I am on a Fasting/eating protocol atm -doing this --(but I don’t smell this atm, it isn’t constant, it is sporadic).



I would be curious to know what causes this as well. My husband sometimes gets this kind of breath and I swear it does smell exactly like band-aids so I know what you are talking about completely. He’s not on Keto though.


I am a little glad to know I am not the only one :rofl: Actually when our daughter was really young (kindergarten age) she had an episode where her breath undeniably smelled like plastic, it was a Prilosec or Prevacid that a doctor had given (they opened the capsule and sprinkled the little beads inside on yogurt). We were told to call the hotline for the manufacturer and they said it was a very rarely reported side effect and to discontinue it. They couldn’t tell us what it meant though, they had no idea, but erred on the side of caution as she was so young. I haven’t taken any similar meds though (just my VitD/K2).