Ban School Chocolate Fundraisers

(Martin Danner) #1

The New Zealand Education Ministry’s new chief health and nutrition adviser, Grant Schofield, is getting push back on his initiative to stop using junk food for school fund raisers. Surprisingly, it’s New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman who’s doing the pushing. If you think Professor Grant is trying to do the right thing, then please sign this petition. Let the Health Minister know that we care about the health of our children, and that you think Grant has the right idea. Then tell a friend!

More info & petition:


I remember when I was a kid, the teachers rebelled against selling chocolate (now that I look back, I was lucky having great teachers…they even had all the soda machines removed from my high school…super brilliant teachers).

Anyway, in place of chocolate, we sold spices. Yes…spices. And it was incredibly successful. We made MORE money with the spice drive than the chocolate drive! If a couple of students ring your doorbell and ask you to buy spices to support school sports/arts program would you be tempted to look at the list of spices and buy something? Of course you would! It was a brilliant idea!

(Jacquie) #3

Love this idea! I would buy some, for sure! :heart_eyes:

(Martin Danner) #4

Great idea @Fiorella! Spices would fetch a much better price than chocolate.