Bad mood after exercise?

(Jen H) #1

Been Keto for about 8 months now, but recently started going back to the gym to burn off some energy (anxiety).

I feel great working out (elliptical, moderate-high intensity 45 mins), but within hours after and next day Im very depressed and angry. This didnt happen to be when I was a carb-burner.

Google says something about it being blood sugar issues, and people recommending carbing up before workout. Anyone else experience something similar?

(eat more) #2

are you taking any supplements? like a pre workout
are you eating enough?
getting enough sleep?
enough electrolytes?
enough water?

i usually feel better after working out…
the only time i’ve been inexplicably angry after working out was when i was using a pre workout that didn’t agree with me.

i’d suspect hydration over “blood sugar” since after 8 months you’re a fat burner :blush:

also check out HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for shorter duration versus LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) for 45 min
you’ll burn off that extra energy and possibly feel like a badass (i do lol)

(Jen H) #3

Thank you for the suggestions. I should definitely decrease my caffeine consumption and up my water/electrolytes and see if that helps.

(Omar Newsome) #4

This is very curious. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a bad mood post training. Training has gotten me over tons of bad moods. My best guess would be hydration and recovery. Are you taking care of yourself post training? Hell but even a good day 2 soreness isn’t a downer when you look back at the workout!

(Jen H) #5

Odd thing happened when working out last night- my stomach was growling. I cant tell you the last time I experienced a growling stomach since being on keto. Again, after the workout, I was very irritable. It did get better after I ate a big meal. So am I back to getting hangry like I did pre-keto? And since working out this week, I think I have been eating more and have gained 2lbs. Im ready to just stop working out!

(Omar Newsome) #6

What’s your protein intake like? Do you keep it around 0.8-1.2 g/lb of lean body mass as suggested or higher? Could you be one of those folks where gluconeogenesis is actually an issue to be concerned with? Because your higher protein intake is spiking BG and contributing to an insulin response you would get suger burner type reactions, hypothetically. Also I have heard spotty rumors that certain supplements can mess with ketosis like BCAA, pre-workouts and post workouts. I think most of that stems from sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, but maybe? IDK

Aside from that, what’s your daily schedule like? Are you training at the end of a fast? If you’re not truly fat adapted then that might cause BG to go to low, maybe? I am so not an expert, but I’m throwing out ideas.

(Jacquie) #7

I’m curious, too as I always feel better after working out even if I wasn’t keen to start. :slight_smile: The only time I felt irritable afterwards was from over training years ago. I do full body weight workouts, a couple times a week and HIIT, once or twice a week.
How much coffee have you been drinking? There may be some hidden variables that we’re not aware of, too.
Do you enjoy your workouts? If not, perhaps a change to some other kind of workout like weight training, free weights and/or machines.

(Scarlett Hyde) #8

I never heard of this, I am the complete opposite, I start my work out looking like I am ready to punch whoever breathes next to me (which is not necessarily bad since I do kickboxing) and when I finish, I get super excited and chatty and happy. It’s a like a new post work-out me replaces old grouchy me during the work out.