Bad breath and taste

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I do suffer from sinusitis actually, but not aware of anything at the moment. No snot or infections, lol! However, thanks again for the suggestion - keep em coming!

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I have experienced the same thing this past week. I am in week 5 of keto/IF. I figure my body is going thru so many changes it will all straighten out eventually.

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Welcome to the Forum Christina :grin:

Congrats to you, week 5 you should be feeling some benefits too, right? … I didn’t get the ‘bad breath’ for long and any negative effects were fixed with more salt.
Hope this helps.

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@Cgrant0613 Welcome!

I find that the mouth taste I mentioned upthread is my indicator that I am in ketosis. As I said, it’s not bad breath, just a certain taste or feeling. It may have something to do with being a little dehydrated, because I notice it most in the morning, before my first cup of coffee.

But everyone’s different, and I suspect that your mileage (or kilometrage) is guaranteed to vary.