Bacon vs BACON! πŸ˜€


(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #1

Item 1 - Bacon ($5.50 for 1 lb)

Item 2 - BACON! ($7.44 for 3lbs)

I think I’m going with item 2 from now on.


(Carl Keller) #2

Funny how it says


as if they are not sure…

(Full Metal Keto) #3

vs. BACON!

$3.99 for a two pound package on sale! I have 14 lbs. in my freezer. :cowboy_hat_face:

(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #4

Still, I’m taking it like a general warning, like how products may contain nuts (like cross contamination). Its the best price I’ve seen at the store for bacon. Glad you found something that works for you.

(Charlotte) #5

I buy the bacon crumbles from costco. I hate cooking bacon because its messy and makes me feel greasy when I do. I also usually end up chopping it up anyway to put on and in other stuff.
$9.00 for a bag + 0 mess = Happy lady.

I hate feeling greasy so much that I eat pizza with a fork. I’m one of those weirdos.

(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #6

My husband likes having bacon around, so I buy for him, too :slight_smile:
I’m also always looking for a good (high) fat to protein ratio, as I’ve found from n=1 stuff that too much protein seems to lower my ketones for the next day…and I’m going for lots of fat.