Bacon shots!

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Shots shots shots!



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Wrapping a slice of sausage with bacon to create a cup is a great idea! Thanks.:sunglasses:

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What are you putting on top? Come on, you can’t just post pictures!! WTH! Stop torturing us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Recipe please!

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You should be worshipped as the god that you are…

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Yesterday was busy, only had time to post the pics.

Bacon shots are awesome. I don’t do them that often though because the prep time is kinda crazy and they’re tedious to make.

Basically, you take kielbasa sausage and slice it into about 3/8" thick circles. These will be the bottom of the bacon “shot” glass.

To make these the best way, you need good bacon. You don’t want thick cut bacon, or it won’t render correctly on the grill. I love thick cut bacon, but these turn out better with normal sliced bacon. When you are picking out your bacon, you kinda want to be the weirdo that’s going through all of the packs of bacon at the store to find the right ones. You kinda need to be a bacon snob. You will need to find the most uniformly shaped slices of bacon you can find. You basically want them shaped in as even rectangles as possible. They will make better shot glasses if they’re even. The cheese filing will spill out more if the sides of the shots are not even. I forgot to tell my wife this so when she picked out the bacon she just grabbed some, and I had a few shots that didn’t turn out as well.

Anyway, cut the bacon into half slices. Wrap the bacon around the kielbasa circles and toothpick the bacon to it. It will make a little bacon shot glass.

The filling is a cheese filling. I use a jar or 2 of the Kraft Old English sharp cheddar spread:

and an 8 oz package of cream cheese, and 2 cups of shredded cheese (whatever you like, packaged or grated yourself).

You can play around with what you put in the filling with the cheese. Sometimes, I add a BBQ rub. The ones I did yesterday, I made them all with bacon bits and half of them with diced jalapenos in the cheese filling.

So mix all of the cheese in a bowl until it has an even consistency, you may need to soften the cream cheese and the Old English in the microwave.

Scoop it into a ziplock bag, cut off about a half inch or so of a corner of the bag. You’re basically making a piping bag, or you can use a piping bag if you have one.

Pipe the cheese into each bacon shot glass. When they are all filled, go over them and make sure the bacon is folded into the cheese and not out, that will help the filling stay in during cooking.

I suppose you could do these in the oven on a wire rack over a baking sheet, but I do them on the grill.

Cook them indirect with the lid closed at 400 degrees until the bacon is at your desired crispiness. It usually takes about an hour. Watch them when they start getting close, they can go from just right to too crispy pretty quickly.

Sometimes, about 5 minutes before they are finished, I’ll add a little extra shredded cheese to the top of each one. It gives it kind of a tasty little cheese cap.

Let them cool well when they are done before you eat them. As the name implies, you do them like shots. Grab the toothpick, put the whole thing in your mouth and pull out the toothpick.


A bacon blood sugar response here

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aw man!! You are killing me with those “bacon shots”. They look amazing!! Will definitely have to add them to my recipe collection.

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I made them again!

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I’m in Florida on vacation and found this brand new gem at the Goodwill Store, one size too small right now but after about 25# more of bacon should be perfect!