Bacon, sausage, bacon, more bacon and ... whoosh!


I had to attend a conference yesterday and I was mentally prepping to fast and/or have very few food options.

When I headed to the breakfast I was happy to see sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs (along with the usual suspects: muffins, pastries, potatoes, etc). I don’t normally eat breakfast, but I had been awake so many hours already, I put a few slices of crisp bacon and a couple sausage links on my plate with a small amount of eggs. It was pretty tasty (of course, who knows what it was cooked in and on).

During my late morning break, my dad surprised me (he lives near the conference) and offered to get something to eat in the hotel. They had a buffet still out. So here I was, having two meals before I usually even have ONE meal on a usual day. (But it was so nice to get to spend time with him.) I opted for more bacon, sausage, and egg (just a bit since it said it had dairy in it), and a couple cubes of cheese.

Lunch rolled around and they had a beautiful Cobb salad (more bacon! … who am I??) and simple beef tenderloin (passed on the fried chicken, bread, dessert, etc). Pretty great for a conference. So I ate … again. By now I have had more before 2 p.m. than I do in a full weekend! Certainly more bacon than I have had in three months (I know you bacon-lovers are appalled).

Skipped dinner (naturally!) and this morning, after 10 days of hovering around the same weight, plus or minus a pound, I was down just about 4 lbs!

I don’t know if my meat and fat extravaganza will catch up to me or if this was a true whoosh, but I was shocked and pleased.

(Jody) #2

Isn’t that crazy how that happens! I still can’t wrap my head around it even though I read, see, experience the evidence!


It is. But I will take it!

(Monique) #4

I think it helps to change things up a bit sometimes, our body is a remarkable adaptive machine and gets used to the same routine, same meals etc. Keep it guessing and it seems to stave off homeostasis, and enable progress!