Bacon in the microwave

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Is there a quicksand easy way of doing bacon in a microwave? I seem to remember seeing something once where I think each rasher was rolled up, stood on its end and sandwiched between two plates. Or maybe I dreamt it. Anyone had any success? I’m just sick of washing up.

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

Bacon cooker

Amazon has several options.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #3

I was just reading this. BaconBoss

But haven’t come across the rolled up bacon yet. Will keep an eye out.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #5

Let us know how it works if you try it.

(Richard Morris) #6

And everything goes straight in the trash … bada boom bada bing

… and I’m like Nooooo all that bacon nectar soaked into that paper towel.

(Bacon for the Win) #7

“bacon nectar” I love it!

(Marcus) #8

A friend of my mother’s ate a lot of food cooked in a microwave oven. Now she’s been battling lymphatic cancer for the past 2+ yrs. She had most of her lymph nodes removed, and now her legs are swollen and her ability to walk is diminished. Food does not belong in a microwave oven.

(Peter Salls) #10

I cook bacon in the microwave all the time. I lay it flat between a layer of paper towels. I like it very crispy and this works perfectly. I cook it as I eat it, so I don’t make large quantities. The only clean up I have is the glass dish in the microwave.


We have (or used to have) a microwave bacon cooker. It is basically a “ribbed” plate that collects the grease and the bacon basically “fries” in that collected grease.

Quick search at Amazon found it.

(Peter Salls) #12

I remember one of those from when I was a kid. I’m not sure how often my parents used it.


That is a myth. There is no danger in microwave cooking. Here is Chris Kresser’s take, but any other SCIENTIFIC examination ( as opposed to Bro Science or No Science) will yield the same facts.

Don’t fear the microwave!

In conclusion, microwaves aren’t as scary as some people make them out to be. Yes, they’re another source of microwave radiation in your home, but the levels are extremely low, and can be almost entirely avoided by simply stepping away while your food is heating. And compared with microwave radiation from other devices (particularly cell phones), radiation from your microwave oven is negligible.

Additionally, there’s no evidence that microwaves adversely affect the nutrient profile of foods. Because microwaves are a relatively new device, I prefer to think of them as “guilty until proven innocent” rather than the other way around, but given what we know about EM radiation and its effects on food molecules, there isn’t really a mechanism by which microwaves could destroy nutrients other than heat. And heat, of course, is an issue regardless of cooking method!

If you’re still skeptical of microwaves after reading this, by all means – use whatever cooking method makes you comfortable. I might be one of the few freaks in the world now that still doesn’t use a microwave, but I can’t say that it’s because of any safety concern or scientific concern. I’ve just never liked what they do to the texture of certain foods, and for whatever reason, I’ve never gotten into using one.

But if you enjoy the convenience of a microwave, don’t be afraid to use it – especially if being able to microwave your food makes the difference between heating up leftover Paleo chili or grabbing a Nutri-Grain bar for lunch!

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Gotta be able to catch and retrieve that nectar.


I’m convinced that there’s no problem with the microwave radiation itself and how it affects food or the nutrient profile, but I am very concerned about the containers we put the food in to do the cooking.

It’s less convenient, but I bake my bacon in the oven.

Remember how we assumed water bottles and other containers were safe until we discovered bisphenol A (BPA)?

I still use the microwave, but I am increasingly careful about the containers.


Me too BillJay. I use glass, ceramic, etc. No plastic.

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Haha…I’ve got more than enough

(Marcus) #18

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Everybody has an opinion

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Plastic in the micro

(Larry Lustig) #21

I’m very sorry to hear about your mother’s friend.

My entire family was wiped out by cancer at the ages of 2, 19, 41 and 83. None of them, except my father, ever saw a microwave oven and he never used one and lived to be 83 anyway.

I use a microwave oven almost every day and have never had any form of cancer.

Therefore, we know incontrovertibly that use of microwave ovens prevents cancer.

Or, perhaps, we know that it’s silly to draw broad conclusions from a tiny amount of anecdotal data.

(Guardian of the bacon) #23

It’s a plastic world. If you eat, It’s virtually impossible to find food products that have never been in contact with plastic in the processing, marketing, and delivery process.