Back On the Weights

(Hank) #1

15 years ago I was a power lifter. I lifted and I ate, and ate and ate. Blew out my shoulder and blew up ultimately hitting 350 pounds. In 2017 I lost 10 pounds on Keto but cheated all the time. In 2018 no cheating and I hit 280 -275 a couple of weeks ago. I have been walking since the start. My speeds are way up and I am intermixing some light jogging into the mix. I am also doing some anaerobic lifting only on machines to protect my shoulder. My weight hasn’t changed even with a reduced intake but the fat is melting off. This week I wore a pair of slacks in a size I haven’t worn in 12 years.

I would add that I am a very low carb less than 15g per day. I have zero desire to consume and sugar, wheat, corn, potatoes…

It has been a fun year on the health front. I feel like I have taken 15 years off of my age.

(Allie) #2

You most likely have, metabolically. Congrats :grinning:

(Ken) #3

Very similar to my story. Except I ballooned up to over 450. I lost 180 lbs my first two years then went back into the gym. I gained around 30 lbs of muscle and lost an additional 60 lbs of fat using CKD and TKD. It all began about 19 years ago . I’ve never regained any fat and am probably 25 lbs away from seeing my abs. It all works well, your next year will really show a difference, as you shed more weight. It just takes time.

(aka Nick) #4

Sounds good to me! Sorry to be such a noob, but what is CKD and TKD? I’ve been on keto about 6 weeks now and I’ve lost 27lbs. Talk about motivating! Would you be willing to share what you typically do for resistance training and macros?

(Ken) #5

CKD is a cyclical ketogenic diet. TKD is a timed ketogenic diet. The best source for information on them is the Keto subforum on Both involve eating carbs for metabolic purposes, a concept that is often ignored or considered Heretical on this board.

My training was pretty heavy, I used a three day split routine. I cut in ten pound increments, with a few weeks of Maintenance between my cuts in order to stabilize my metabolism.

(Bob M) #6

Gaining 30 pounds of muscle must have taken you a while. Those are great results, though.

(Ken) #7

Yeah, around five years. Even though I’m no longer training heavy, it appears a fair amount is sticking around.

(Chris - #8

Targeted ketogenic diet*

(Bob M) #9

6 pounds a year is reasonable. Still quite an achievement, nonetheless.

I gained about 3.4 pounds in a year according to DEXA scans, but I also have a torn rotator cuff and a repaired rotator cuff. There are tons of upper-body exercises I cannot do (no overhead presses, side laterals, traps shrugs, bench presses, just to name a few). Oh, and when they went in to repair the torn rotator cuff on my first shoulder, they cut one bicep tendon, so now I have a monocep instead of a bicep. And also have a bad back, so no squats. Even with my limited grouping of exercises and range of motion, I hope to gain something similar this year.

…Until I have my second shoulder operated on to repair the torn rotator cuff. Then, recovery is about 6+ months.