Back on Strong Lifts 5x5 - my program mini journal

(Jeramy Koval) #41

Thank you both for the information above. Very helpful!

I’m on my 2nd full week of Stronglifts and feeling great though a bit bored. Just working my way back into form so the core program is enough for me right now. Just feels weird only doing 3 exercises.

Interestingly enough, your numbers now are +/- 10lbs of where I was previously. Before several injuries and weight gain. LCHP and now keto have helped me with the weight. But my lifts are nowhere near what they were previously. I’m hopeful to get to 185 squat and 250 deadlift when I wrap up this 12 week routine. Just not sure my body will recover quick enough being in keto at my age. :grinning:

(DougH) #42

Good deal! Welcome back to the fray.

There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. In the past when I started out I would only add dips because I love them, and pull ups and push ups.

I would recommend that you add face pulls. I didn’t add them until recently but if I had to do the three core lifts and only one extra it would be face pulls. They help balance out the bench and the overhead press, and are very good for shoulder stability.

(Jeramy Koval) #43

Thanks Doug, that’s a great point. I wasn’t thinking about the accessory exercises to build up some of my weaker area. I suppose I should add something for grip strength as well.

(DougH) #44

Captain of Crush grippers are pretty awesome. I have a nice set, don’t use them enough though.