Back in it! (Gained 45 pounds)


Hello again :wave:

I used to frequent this forum a lot when I was starting my keto adventure. Now I’m back because I want to get off the carb-train. I want to stick to eating the correct way, not just to lose weight but to get back the higher energy levels and mental clarity I had when I was peaking in my keto progress.

It went down hill about 9 months ago during Thanksgiving/Christmas 2018. I went all-out durning the holidays eating all the worst stuff. Then in January 2019 I scaled it back to being low carb durning the week and cheating on the weekends. I suppose that helped me maintain my weight somewhat, but I’ve slowly getting bigger and bigger and I’ve started to notice my clothes are getting tight. June and July I was especially bad while on vacation, celebrating my birthday, summer laziness, etc…

9 months ago I hit my lowest weight 180lbs and since then I’ve ballooned up to 225lbs. I hope to shed these extra 45 pounds and keep them off. Time to be good again, starting today!


@Nebulous ~ Progress Report
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Welcome back Nebulous. Wishing you the very best for your keto re-boot.


Thanks! I initially lost 130 lbs …so these 45 shouldn’t be too hard. :muscle::grinning:

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Welcome back and congrats on taking the first steps to get back on track. I’m also learning how to make this a sustainable lifestyle, not on again off again diet.

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It’s amazing how quickly it comes back if we aren’t diligent and committed. We do need to adopt the mindset that this isn’t a temporary diet and it’s a way of life, if not, we go right back.

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It sounds like we have a lot in common. I was 228 at my highest and got to 173 on a calorie restricted diet. I slacked off and gradually went back to 208. I started keto just over a year ago and now back to 181. I know that low carb is the best way for me to eat and don’t find it difficult at all.


Thanks. Good luck to you as well!

Yeah, it’s crazy how fast it does come back.

Glad you were able to get that weight off again. I agree that low carb eating is pretty easy, I like all the foods we are able to eat so there should be no reason for me not to succeed this time around.

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Welcome back to the Keto Train and the forum. You can do this and we will be here to cheer you on!


Thanks again. :tada:

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Welcome back! It sometimes happens that people find the second time around a bit more difficult than the first. If that should happen to you, please don’t be discouraged. Your body will eventually sort itself out, and in the meantime you get to eat bacon, so it’s all good! :bacon::bacon:


Hmm, I suppose we’ll see. So far so good though. :slight_smile:

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Just a couple of suggestions to help this leg of your journey:

  • You may want to think back and try to figure out if there was a mental side to this gain (to avoid the same thing happening after losing 45 pounds and starting to gain again in Winter 2019). Did you burn out, did the holiday mood affect you the wrong way (you didn’t want to be “left out”), did you give yourself permission to ignore intake during the holidays, etc.? Now that you know the outcome (a bounce) - maybe heading off any attitudes that allow the gain would best be dealt with earlier.
  • You may want to think back and try to figure out if there was a physical side to this gain. Did you lose the last pounds with more extreme methods like calorie restriction? Did you push meal skipping daily or IF - which you considered fasting but really amounted to calorie restriction? The bounce could have a physical explanation - very common to lose for 6 months and then gain back for 6 months with non-Keto diets.

It is good you are restarting - keep your eyes wide open to avoid the same mistake.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #13

Excellent! :+1:


I suppose the mental side of my gains was that I was at my goal weight and looking/feeling good so I guess I thought I earned all those cheats and didn’t have to work at it anymore. I figured I could incorporate a little more carbs to keep me from getting too skinny and sickly looking. When I get back down to my goal weight, I’ll need to find a better balance and not over-do it. Never really felt burned out eating low carb because I enjoy all the foods we do get to eat.

I did IF on Mondays and did cardio every day. During the gaining time period, I didn’t IF anymore and got lazy with my exercising.

Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:


Lol, here I am again back in the same spot as I was back in August with the same sob story, I’m currently at around the same weight too. Going to be good again starting now! :slight_smile:

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Woooooooooo! #yougotthis


PS Don’t see things as you being ‘good’ or ‘bad’! That way lies ‘beat yourself up Land’! :kissing_heart:


Hey I joined this forum after a 4 month binge of carbs, and am back as well. I am feeling great after a week of keto/IF and am excited to be back in this space.
Best of luck to you!


Thanks for the support!

Welcome back to you too!

It should be easier to stay in it now that all the holidays (and birthdays) are out of the way.

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Welcome back Nebulous.