Back from Abyss

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Good Day all Keto’ers!

I was at one point quite a regular in the Calisthenics forum and have just returned. So, I found my nemesis and that is stress. Approximately 7 months ago I was under intense sustained stress. While in that status, I stayed semi-keto, but slipped into allowing sugar into my diet in greater amounts, because I felt I deserved/needed it with the stress. I used the sugar as a coping mechanism, and made it through this period by the grace of God.

So, the jist of that was I gained 30 pounds. However, I think it could’ve been way worse if I wasn’t on Keto. The stress is now gone, but I climbed up to 204 pounds. I weighed 250+ at my heaviest. I have started a 30 day no-sugar challenge which I’m on day 3, and a OMAD diet during the weekdays.

The key thing is the stress is gone, I got to 170 pounds before with Keto and know I can get back and maintain it with that stress gone. Also started working out again on the gymnastic rings. My body is one big bruise as am in terrible shape after half a year off. Painful, but it’s a good pain as the muscles start to remember and grow again.

Thank you Keto Community for all you do!

(Jane) #2

Welcome back! And glad your stress is gone and you can focus on your health again.


Welcome back! You know the ropes so it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you to get back on track! Good luck with keto