Baby formula without crap in it?


Hi - pretty soon my wife will be going back to work after breastfeeding for around 9 months and our baby will be going to a child minder, therefore we need to find a suitable alternative to breast milk. I know that nothing adequately replaces it but does anyone know what the least bad formula mix is? i.e. something without horrible ingredients like vegetable oils or soya?

(Ken) #2

It’ll be tough. Many years ago I did a macronutrient analysis of available baby formulas and found virtually all to be highly insulinogenic. They’re all basically carb and fat combinations.

(Natasha) #3

A friend of mine made their own ‘formula’ using raw goats milk and various other added things like nutritional yeast, coconut oil etc. The recipe came from a book (not sure which one) but I’m guessing there would probably be recipes online.

Edit to say: I think it might have been a Weston A. Price recipe.

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Can your wife pump and freeze her breast milk? At 9 months, is your baby eating solid foods? If so, she may be able to pump enough to be able to supplement the solid foods your baby will be eating while at the sitters and then breast feed as usual when she is home.

I haven’t personally looked into baby formulas since my 2 are 9 and 10.5 years old but I have read the ingredients list of the typical formulas you see on the store shelves and its not good.


Yes, I was just going to say there are a number of homemade baby formula recipes on the Weston A Price Foundation website.

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Hi Kathrine
When I was a baby. A LONG! Time ago… my parents got goats. Due to my in ability to drink cow milk. Both my boys were the same. They had colic real bad with store bought formula. So I found a dairy that had goats. And my oldest son did great! And the second child, 5 yrs later had the same intolerance. Although we had moved, and there was no dairy available. So he was raised on Soy. If you are able to find a source for Goat milk I would highly recommend it. Both my boys are able to drink Cow milk now that their adults. And their kids have no problem consuming cow dairy. Goats milk from the store is good. Mayenberg is a good brand. It comes in containers, powdered, and concentrated. To this day my dairy intolerance is still a problem. And before keto, I would still drink and use on cereal. Good Stuff!!

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They’re meant to be. They’re not meant to have fructose though.