Baby Corn Stuff


I had my mind blown when I heard about baby corn being low carb so I bought a bunch of cans. Last night I added some smushed to my fathead crust recipe. Tonight I added some to my keto chilli ( pork belly, fatty ground beef, spam, baby corn, achiote chipotle peppers, half onion, cocoa butter, coffee, pure cocoa, roasted garlic + spices. I got some ground up and in my food dehydrator right now. Am I the first person to make low carb baby corn flour, google didn’t show any results. Corndogs coming up tomorrow

(Scott Shillady) #2

@skyraft. Pure witchcraft. I love it. Recipe and pics or it didn’t happen

(Joan Hulvey) #3

I tried them following the holiday podcast. Disappointed in the results, so threw it away. I’m sensitive to gluten and have read that the corn version “zein” can be more problematic for the gut than wheat gluten. Plus, it’s most likely GMO corn derived anyway, so I’m passing on it for now.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #4

I am a pork belly freak and can’t believe I didn’t think to base a chili off of it, thank you for the inspiration!