Awesome Realizations!

(softail925) #1

Today, I realized that it’ll be prob the first year in MANY years that I will have not gained weight during the holidays. And what’s even more awesome, I will undoubtedly lose weight! #luvthiswoe

(Tom Seest) #2

Yep. Truly liberating.

(joievawter) #3

Same here…Cheers to that!

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

Great! Feels good, doesn’t it?!

They have a program through my work called Hold It for The Holidays. You can either choose to not gain, or lose 5lbs or more from Thanksgiving to New Year. I started Keto October 1st, so when the sign up came for the program I signed up immediately knowing I would not only succeed, but probably also lose more than everyone else.

(Jodi) #5

Me too! I am a super slow loser right now, but I don’t even care, as long as I’m not gaining. :slight_smile:

(Larry Lustig) #6

My goal is to lose weight when my body wants to lose weight and to not gain weight when my body doesn’t want to lose weight.

(Eric Richardson) #7

Not gaining weight during the holidays is a wonderful feeling. I have eaten a couple of items that are NOT ketogenic, but when I was done with them I knew that I could walk away and leave them behind. In the past, I would sit down grab a utensil and dive into whatever food it was because my failing diet made me hungry or depressed. Not KETO. I can enjoy a bite and move on. That being said, I more than likely take the bite and realize that I no longer have a taste for that food.

Having that scale stay put is great, keeping my new lifestyle and feeling great is priceless.

KETO on!

(kimberlynwebb) #8

It is so nice to not worry about the weight gain. I have had a few treats that aren’t keto, however I have been satisfied with a taste or a small piece, not a huge slice or serving, or multiple servings. I have passed over many treats that in the past I would have gobbled up and then felt miserable. Loving the holiday season this time around.

(Doug Stone) #9

I lost 9 lbs during the week of Thanksgiving after a long stall. That was a great feeling physically & mentally! That would have been an impossibility in years gone by.