Avocado Texture


(Suzanne Demeester) #1

Hi Guys, helping one of my bff’s out. She wants to eat avocado but can’t get beyond the texture. Any ideas? Thanks


Texture is a particularly tricky issue to work around. I cannot abide the texture of mushrooms but I can eat them minced up very finely in things. Maybe if she mashed the avocado & ‘bulked it up’ with some crispy bacon bits & shredded romaine?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

I agree. I like it straight but it’s also good mashed and mixed with stuff. It can also be used to make keto recipes and sort of hidden. Mashed and made to go with taco salad (sans taco) is a tasty way to have it.

(Scott) #4

I like to carve out the meat and mix it with tuna fish and place it back in the skin. It makes them more portable for lunch.

(John) #5


(Carl Keller) #6

I’ll chop them up and put them in a salad sometimes. The consistency is similar to a tomato chunk, I think. I’ve also made deviled eggs with avocado, mayo and sour cream. I wasn’t crazy about the taste of that combination, but the texture was quite different.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #7

I eat them diced and added to a scramble with cheese and tobacco sauce. Bacon side of course. :bacon::bacon::bacon:

Mixed into a salad with lots of different veggies is good too. It just adds a creamy element to some bites.

(Bob M) #8

I personally can’t stand avocados, other than in guacamole. I also don’t think they are necessary or even beneficial for a keto diet. They may possibly be detrimental.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

Yes I read the PUFA thread. All I can say is I think they’re extremely healthy on keto because it is one of the only high potassium foods that fit the keto profile. And there are healthy oils I believe when you’re getting oil from diverse sources. I have read that although you can cook at higher temperatures with it, better to consume that oil raw nutritionally.

Of course if you don’t want to eat something don’t. :avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::bacon:

(Jane) #10

I saw a recipe for avocado chips that would have a much different texture. I can’t remember which thread but you can proably find it with a search.

The site also had a recipe for fathead dough pretzels with garlic and Italian seasoning that I am going to make this weekend when I get home.

(Bob M) #11

I know this is old, but I’ve never had an issue with potassium and don’t eat avocados, or more specifically only eat them when my wife forces me to eat them. I do take a supplement only when fasting that has potassium in it, but if I do not fast, I don’t take it.