Autophagy and scar tissue

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Does autophagy enable the reduction of scar tissue? Sorry if I asked that question incorrectly. If I am fasting, will I likely be able to reduce scar tissue? I have scar tissue in my abdomen from surgery, and it impacts my pancreatic function. My logical assumption is that I would need to drop to a severely low fat level before scar tissue was used up, but frankly I don’t know much about autophagy. Perhaps a book would be helpful, is Fung’s book on fasting or the Obesity code the best place to start?

Look at me, 4 weeks ago I was adament I didn’t have time to read these books, and now I’m so interested I’m going to cut some other things out of my schedule :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about internal scarring, but for some people it definitely does reduce external scar tissue or even make them go away totally - I have one leg where I can’t even tell where they used to be.

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I don’t have any significant scars so don’t have experience with autophagy taking them away. I have noticed that skin tags seem to have pretty much disappeared with eating keto and only the occasional short (24 to 36 hours) fast.

One of the posters here (Todd?) has suggested some healing to some heart damage / problems that he’s struggled with is being helped by autophagy.

It’s an interesting subject and I’m not sure if one has to fast for extended periods of time to get good effects or whether the effects can be similar when they’re accumulated from shorter fasts. As a for instance, assuming that autophagy begins 24 hours into not eating (according to Dr. Fung, the time it takes varies), would an 7-day fast be functionally equivalent to six 2-day fasts in terms of autophagy? (I don’t know the answer to that, just wondering to myself.)

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It didn’t seem to change my scars from shoulder surgery, but I’d need two of me to determine a benefit of not.

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I would say it’s certainly possible, but whether it will happen in your specific case is hard to predict.


Read Dr. Fung’s blog information on autophagy, he has a lot of good information. I don’t remember it being in the Fasting Guide, will need to check there but the blog is excellent.

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Thank you all! I wasn’t sure it was even possible… I’m off to read that site and consider if I want to see if it works over the long-term for me

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While I used fasting to remove scar tissue around my heart that I could not see, I would also recommend that you investigate supplementing with Serrapeptase…


Tom, I have been faithfully taking serrepeptase for more than two years and I swear by it. I take two 120,000 units per night. I have also assumed several different fasting regimens IF and EF and OMAD.

I am scheduled for an echocardiogram in January and will ask my cardiologist to check for scar tissue improvement. I had a heart attack 15 years ago.

Also, I had dramatic and I mean ultra dramatic improvement in resolving scar tissue and plaque involving Peronnie’s Disease. And I’m straight shooting here.

Serrepeptase just might be a miracle supplement beyond clearing your sinuses.

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So to speak, lol! :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Serra taken in high dose ongoing has had miraculous effect for me, for a friend of mine and for her sister (and a gazillion people reviewing it all over the internet, every brand). For me, I’d had whooping cough and my lungs never fully healed. I couldn’t sing, like the air would just hard-stop. For 1.5 years after. After serra it resolved. Also my vision seriously improved. The funny thing is I took it to help (potentially) with lipedema. Now my friend, she took it for L also, and she had real improvement gradually in some of it, but the real surprise was her sister, who had been walking with a cane for six years and could not climb the steps to visit her. Her sister now uses no cane and has no trouble with the steps. The testimonials are endless on this stuff.

I stopped taking it as I was having a serious heart issue and of course it puts the dead-proteins it chews up into the bloodstream to be reassigned by liver or vented out, and I could feel the extra load on my very overtaxed heart at the time. (It’s fine now.) It’s kinda pricey.

And the main thing is that each brand uses its own proprietary coating. I think different people respond differently to it and for some it may not really dissolve (help) and for some they may have some reaction to it and for some it works great. My friend was using Serra Enzyme (which is drastically cheaper in bulk via their website than amazon just fyi) and I was using Doctor’s Best. They worked for us. But when she took my brand (as it’s cheaper), she instantly started getting back her symptoms, and had to conclude that she was stuck with the price indefinitely due to her condition. Mine worked for me but I could not measure any lipedema benefits due to mass edema from the heart thing.

Last note: I went to pubmed later and discovered that lung and eye improvement are two of its strongest research points. But the reviews make clear it helps with any dead-proteins internally from scar tissue to dysplasia type effects (and yep including Peyronie’s).

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I had a significant scar on one of my fingers due to a tendon reattachment… It was always a thick area when I was obese. It is pretty much gone now, along with the thickness.


I still take two each night on an empty stomach. Sometimes I take one more capsule in the morning if I don’t plan to eat that morning. I think the key is to make sure you take Serrepeptase (I take Doctor’s Best, 120,000 spu) on an empty stomach so that you don’t put it to work digesting regular food. I also take Flomax (tamsulosin) for prostate health and Flomax tends to stop up your sinuses (funny, it opens you up downstairs and clogs you up upstairs). Anyway, Serrepeptase is well know for opening up sinuses. Like you said, this is damn near a magic bullet type supplement if taken routinely and as directed. It doesn’t work if you half-ass it.


I just bought some to try. Just had my second eye surgery due to scar tissue forming in my eye after first surgery…made everything worse and caused Mac off. I now have oil in my eye and read that when oil comes out scar tissue can come back. Any recommendations on how to take…I am just getting back into keto and also plan to start IF.

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Hi Ben. Saw your comment regarding pd. I have been diagnosed and began taking isierra serra 120,000 3x daily on an empty stomach about two months ago. About how long did you take it before you noticed changes?