Australian KETOFEST

(Bowden) #1

I would love to go to a KETOFEST, but, I live near Sydney and can’t justify a flight to Connecticut. So… Richard, what’s the chance of a Canberra KETOFEST?
P.S. Wollongong may have cheaper venues on offer :wink:

(Richard Morris) #2

It’s a great idea … but what makes KetoFest work is that Carl is so well known in the town and so all the venues were keen to be involved.

A smaller Ketofest in Australia is on my agenda. Probably not in Canberra. Maybe in Tasmania. Maybe later in 2018.

(Bowden) #3

Oh hell yes. Truffles on everything.
Btw I really appreciate the info and the guests you deliver on the pod casts. Keep up the awesome work

(Naomi Brewster) #4

A nice little town where tonnes of foodies not too far from a metropolis - I’m in Melbourne but would be willing to travel to Tassy or Canberra.

(Leigh Thomas) #5

Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Tasmaina is expensive to get to.


Tasmania would be wonderful!! So much locally produced beef, lamb, pork, eggs, cheese, veg - it’s a very Keto friendly place! Flights are actually not too badly priced and direct to Launceston or Hobart from all major east coast cities.

(Rebecca) #7

I’m due for another trip to Tassie. The food on Bruny Island is awesome.


Did I just hear on this week’s podcast a hint of a Canberra ketofest in September? Coincidently, I’m also a software developer in Canberra, Australia. Are you looking for volunteers? Is there something I can do to help?


I’m moving to Canberra soon so that works for me, but I also looooooove Tasmania so I don’t mind where you host it, I’ll be there!

(Alec) #10

They definitely said they were planning a ketofest in Canberra in September (I think). No formal announcement (as yet): I would think they are trying to line up some speakers.

@richard and @carl if there is one, I am IN.

(Rebecca) #11

Ketofest in Canberra would be awesome.


I can go to Canberra, not sure about Tassie.

(Richard Morris) #13

We are in negotiation with the principals of the venue to do a 1 day keto mini fest in Canberra in September, and as soon as we have a heads of agreement I’ll start talking about it.

There may be a 3 day ketofest in Tassie next year.


I’m down for Canberra! Hope you come to an agreement soon, good luck!

(Darren) #15

I’ll see you all in Tassie if that’s announced !! perfect spot (btw live in QLD) no bias

(Eli) #16

WOW that’s so close. Would love to attend it! I’m in Melbourne but wouldn’t mind the 7 hour drive up!

(Katie ) #17

I would definitely fly down for Canberra! Please confirm :slight_smile:

(Kim) #18

I would definitely attend any Ketofests in Australia! Happy to contribute some volunteering hours in setting up something like this too! Please please please make it happen Richard and Carl!

(Chris Fader) #19

Now that the one day Canberra Ketofest has been announced for Sept at the Press Club, how do we get tickets? I’m excited!

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #20