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Daisy talks to the show's first extraordinary man, Austin, who talks about his extremely exciting keto ice cream Kickstarter campaign.

Austin and his wife Courtney grew up on the East Coast and met in college.

Austin has an MBA with a background in venture capital and analytics and Courtney has a degree in broadcasting.

They live in Midway, Utah with their four children: two girls and two boys between the ages of 1 and 7. They started a ketogenic way of eating in early 2017 and grew frustrated with commercial ice creams that were low fat, contained added sugar and/or other non-keto ingredients.

They founded Rebel Creamery to develop the first high fat, low carb, no sugar added ice cream using only keto-friendly ingredients. They also hope to use their ice cream to entice others to learn about and try a ketogenic lifestyle.

For a chance to win 4 pints of yummy Rebel ice cream, comment #RebelIceCream on any of the daily posts for this week’s show on the Keto Woman podcast’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Anybody can play along but the lucky recipient has to live in the US.

If you don’t want to leave it to chance then you can order your own at the Kickstarter campaign

This week’s quote is from Ginger Rogers and is a sentiment I share entirely.

My love for ice cream emerged at an early age - and has never left!

(Rebel Creamery) #2

Was great to talk to you Daisy. Be sure to pass on the lucky winner’s information. They can also choose what 4 flavors they want.


I will do so with much jealousy :smiley:

(Ethan) #4

Thanks for the post. I just backed it


I don’t understand. Why buy ice cream when its so easy to make at home?
All you need is a blender, some ice cold full fat cream, and the flavoring of your choice. Berries if you can tolerate the carbs, or nut butters if not.

I’m gonna go make some peanut butter ice cream right now…


Good point but many just don’t want to or can’t be bothered. There is a huge market for the right ice cream. Just look at the popularity of Halo Top and that is full of crappy stuff.


You can make just about anything at home. Sometimes it’s nice to not go through the pain of doing so. And commercial ice cream machines have technology that we don’t have at home to trap those ice crystals really small and make it scoopable for awhile.


I agree. Plus it simply isn’t always possible to quite get the flavours like they do. They work really hard on refining them. A fantastic occasional decadent treat IMO. I used to buy Haagen Dazs when I could make it myself in a machine just as well but sometimes I just wanted their flavours. I don’t have the option available to me to buy now. There is a low carb ice cream in the UK which is OK but a bit like Halo Top in that it still have things in it you would rather avoid. I would LOVE to have a truly keto option available. You Americans are jammy buggers :smiley:

(brian) #9

Woo hoo my Kickstarter order arrived with bonus dry ice to play with :slight_smile:


Awesome. And the dry ice - extra awesome! The PB is my fave :smiley:

(Greg Shadle recovering carb-ohalic) #11

My Rebel ice cream just arrived. Praying it’s good, will let you know!

(Greg Shadle recovering carb-ohalic) #12

Chocolate is a life saver!

(Mark Rhodes) #13

Cookie Dough.