Aussies, half-price good cream cheese @ Woolies

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According to PricehIpster.

Very rarely this price, so stock up…



Im pretty sure the one I buy at Aldi is even cheaper

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But isn’t it much higher in carbs?


0.9g per 25g

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Better than the Woolies homebrand one, but about 50 percent worse than this one.


Im quite happy with it. I don’t use much of it, I have plenty of other things I use and 0.9g is relatively low on the scheme of things


One ounce is 28.3g. One ounce of Philly has 2g of carbs. Manhatten has 0.9

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It’s on sale here at the Fry’s (Kroger) for 99 cents. :wink:

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Yeah, but I’m not going to get shot when I go to buy mine :slight_smile:


Take your pick, depends on who you wish to believe. More than happy with 0.9

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What’s this got to do with what I posted?

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OK, not half-price this time, but still pretty damn good. Given how much we’ve used in the last fortnight…