Atkins snacks?

(Raiann Morse) #1

Are Atkins foods legal on low carb?

(Laurie) #2

There are lots of reasons not to eat them. They have many unnecessary ingredients, including sugar alcohols (ending in -tol, e.g., maltitol), sugars going by another name (some ending in -ose, e.g., dextrose), and other things most of us are trying to avoid.

And they aren’t worth it. For example, if something has 6 grams of net carbs and only 8 grams of protein, why bother with it?

In my opinion, such snacks don’t even taste good. Why not snack on cheese, pepperoni, or nuts? If you really want a sweet treat, I think you’re better off finding keto recipes and making your own; you’ll be able to keep your carbs lower and avoid some of the bad chemicals and stuff.

(Laura) #3

I tried them early on in my low carb life, but could not tolerate the bars. The sugar alcohols kept me in the bathroom. The shakes didn’t bother me, but they don’t taste very good.

The only ones that I can eat are the Atkins Harvest Trail ones with no sugar alcohols. They are around 4 net carbs and 8 g protein and 13 g of fat for the dark chocolate peanut butter ones. I have 3 left from last year and they are hard as rocks now, lol.

I find that I would rather eat pickles and cheese or salami roll ups with cream cheese for snacks.

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(Full Metal Keto) #5

Junk food disguised as keto friendly snacks. :confused:

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #6

In the back of Gary Taubes’s book, Why We Get Fat, there is a little page of advice for people wanting to eat a ketogenic diet: “Don’t eat any food that advertises itself as ‘keto’ or ‘low-carb’.”

In fact, the best advice is as follows: Eat real food. In the right amount. Mostly meat.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #7

Right on, Paul. I tried some of these snacks and didn’t like them. There was a fake sugar aftertaste.

(traci simpson) #8

I thought it was mostly fat and then meat?

(Ethan) #9

The fat you eat is best when it comes from the meat.

(Ashley) #10

Most meats that are very fatty (73/27 burger for instance) a big bulk of its calories are fat calories, which is why they say buy the fattiest cuts you can find!

(Ethan) #12

What’s the other 4% from

(Ashley) #13

Miss typed I meant 73/27 :slight_smile:

(Charlotte) #14

Yuck. I’d rather eat something much more tasty like one of my cashew butter chocolate fat bombs or pepperoni and cheese roll ups. The prepackaged junk (no matter how much they claim to be keto friendly) all taste like disgusting cardboard. I can spend literally 5 minutes making something that is truly keto friendly, very yummy, and way cheaper.

(Pete A) #15

Try it if you want if it’s within your own carb allotment. If it agrees with you (doesn’t increase your appetite), I see no reason you MUST stay away from them…

I don’t know how much packaged stuff you eat and personally don’t indulge much in that type of thing, but it can work.

(Alec) #16

I tried an Atkins chocolate bar early on in my keto experience. I didn’t eat a 2nd one. Telling.