Astronauts to grow artificial meat on International Space Station

(Sticking with mammoth) #1

The space waiter is ready to take your order for Mars! Hmm, they don’t look like waiters…

Those millionaires you heard about who recently dropped $55,000,000 each for a seat into the thermosphere have packed some beef cells in their carry-ons. They’re hoping they can get a filet mignon out of it this time without any bioprinting.

Scientists: “We’ll grow it this time just like a cow does, so it’ll be real, vitamins and all!”

Mother Nature: “Mansplaining never ends well.”

Perhaps Aleph Farms wants to unilaterally provide the world with the only “meat” source available after nature and animals have been wiped out by their other profitable shenanigans. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure nature knows the difference between reality and a cartoon.


(Polly) #2

What ever they have done, its not meat. Bleugh!


You’ve tried it?

(Sticking with mammoth) #4

I’ve tried dozens of artificial, imitation, substitute, and “alternatively created” foods in my life. Not a single one has come close to the original in any way, shape, or form. Naturally (pun intended), I’ve formed an opinion about fake food. So, like bath salts and cannibalism, no, I’ve never tried it.

But, bon appétit!

(Joey) #5

It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion :rocket:

(Robin) #6

Gee thanks… Now THAT song is living in my head.

(Sticking with mammoth) #7

Double entendre, much?

(Warren) #8


(Denise) #9

I guess Soylent Green doesn’t fit in this category of “artificial” :weary::nauseated_face:

(Robin) #10

hey, where you been? Missed you!

(Denise) #11

Just keepin busier now since our masks have come down, lol!! Gas prices up, but I’m gettin out quite a bit anyway!

(Sticking with mammoth) #12

See, now that’s brilliant. Why don’t they come up with a way for humans to grow extra legs so they can just harvest them on the way to the red planet? Fresh meat, naturally grown. Tastes just like chicken.

(Denise) #13

LMBO, you’re disgusting!! So why am I laughin so hard, we must have been separated at birth :joy::rofl::two_hearts:

(Sticking with mammoth) #14

Hahaha! I’ll go one step further: If people were eating their own limbs, it would be the ultimate recycling program and even the vegans would have to be on board with it: “No animals were harmed in the making of this barbecue.” Also, it would reinforce personal health and nutrition because after all, you are what you eat.

(Denise) #15

LOL, I just barely got my keyboard cleaned up after your first reply had me blowing coffee all over it! It’s worth it :joy:

(Sticking with mammoth) #16

Also, it cuts down on shopping.

(Denise) #17

Hey, maybe a “limb bank” :thinking: I’d like to pick out some SG made from someone with great limbs!!

(Sticking with mammoth) #18

Remember, fat is where the flavor is, so those cankles…

(Denise) #19

I always shop around before I buy, oh, and run a background check :laughing:

(Sticking with mammoth) #20

(looks over shoulder in mirror to check out my “background”)

When they say don’t touch that, you don’t know where it’s been, I am not blessed with the necessary veil of mystery that hangs over most fast food restaurants. My memory, traumatized though it is, is intact. I know exactly what went into that butt steak.