Aspic anyone?

(aino.shperber) #1

The other morning while still half asleep, I all of a sudden woke up when I realized that aspic would be totally keto!
Gelatin (awesome for gut health) and various meats/veggies/eggs.
I used to love aspic growing up with a nice creamy sauce/dressing on.

Anyone use aspic? Recipes?

I was thinking perhaps cooked chicken meat, eggs, some veggies layered with a bone broth type gelatin. I will try to come up with something in the weekend, but wanted to hear if anyone have tried this.

(Jamie Hayes) #2

I remember my father (a doctor) making aspic. I have asked my older brother.

(Tom Seest) #3

I have had it but it’s been awhile. My wife made it. I’ll ask her when she returns.


Bacon and eggs aspic:

Fun for a dinner party


The Knox company website has vintage gelatine recipes that they haven’t modified in decades.


I was using Great Lakes Gelatin for awhile and then switched over to using Vital Proteins gelatin. Both companies states the gelatin was harvested from grass fed cattle in Argentina. I’m a little skeptical about this source. I also think the one of the amino acids in the gelatin is too high. I have forgotten which one. I think bone broth gelatin from locally sourced trustworthy farmers is the best bet. Of course if this is just an occasional dish, no problem. Everything in moderation.