Article on Dairy & Keto (hot off the press)

(KetoCowboy) #1

Here’s a link to the latest article posted to the KetoDiet blog.

I especially enjoyed the scale showing how much of an effect cheese has on insulin relative to other foods. I didn’t realize that even though cheese produces a little more insulin than eggs do in most adults, it has less of an impact that plain old beef. Nor did I appreciate how much of a difference there is between the insulin response of adults and children to dairy products.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

Seems mostly sensible, apart from the repeated focus on calories and overeating. If dairy is causing stalls, it’s pretty unlikely, IMO, that it’s due to the calorie count.

Also, not sure if the source of the insulin index chart, but I am skeptical that beef has a higher impact on insulin than white pasta.

(KetoCowboy) #3

That is pretty hard to swallow–even if it’s coated in alfredo sauce.

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #4

Have the dudes posted anything on the insulin index?

(Ketopia Court Jester) #5

Yeah, my red flag was flappin’ in the breeze on that one, too.

(Richard Morris) #6

As I understand their method, they used students, tested once using an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) to rule out diabetes, each test used 3 different students and the values of all 3 were averaged for that food.

The obvious problem is glucose control is inadequate to infer insulin production. Dr Joeseph Kraft found that 78% of people who pass an OGTT and have normal glucose are making a LOT of insulin in order to achieve that. The score each discrete food receives depends on which Kraft pattern it’s 3 students had.

I think the insulin index is mostly bullshit. But I also believe this is something we do need to measure, so it needs to be redone for each food tested with multiple subjects that exhibit each of the first 4 Kraft patterns. Now THAT would be interesting and actionable information.

(jilliangordona) #7

Hmm, I have been avoiding dairy for the reasons listed… I will have to do some more research!

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #8

Seventy-eight percent? Yikes!