Arthritis Improvement


This was the first sub-forum I read when I joined. I couldn’t wait for these victories to happen to me!

I finally have one of my own. I walk around the house with 2 canes. After 7 months keto, and 75 pounds gone, I walked to the bathroom on my own today, with NO canes! It was very exciting. My arthritic knees are finally starting to feel better. A very nice NSV!

I still have another 100 pounds to lose, with no doubt many more NSVs to come, but this was a very pleasant surprise today.

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Congratulations! Can sense your joy and hope! These NSVs sure help keep us on this wonderful keto journey.


Thanks! My hubby and I have been talking about traveling after we lose some weight and feel better. This is definitely a good first step in that direction.

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Great news gesine! That’s what it’s all about, regaining some lost youth and abilities. I hope you and your husband get to do that traveling together. Something I look forward to myself sometime this year.


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That is fantastic news, @gesine! I’m so happy for you.


Thanks @David_Stilley and @Paulene !

I’ll admit I didn’t think walking without the canes would be possible any longer; I was pleasantly surprised. Now I can start walking up and down the length of the house to build up the leg muscles to make it easier to get around. Definitely a day filled with hope! I hope you get to enjoy your travels this year too, David!


Very cool! Rooting for you!


Thanks @velvet !

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Congratulations! Are you feeling less pain in your joints? I’m so pleased for you


Thanks @Keto6468 Yeah, less weight and minimal inflammation are a good combination. This morning my left knee was a bit sore, so I’ve been using 1 cane. But afternoons seem to be the best time for my knees so far.

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Awesome and congratulations!!


Thanks @Brian_Bfd !

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That’s awesome!!! I have hurt so bad upon occasion that I have used 2 canes as well. Mostly, over the past year or more, I’ve used one cane a fair amount of the time. My biggest issue is calcific trochanteric bursitis, which means that the bursa on my left hip was inflamed for a really long time and finally calcified. The way that feels is weakness on my left side and feeling like I’m dragging my leg through water. Lately, however, I have NOT been using my cane! I can walk a couple of miles without a cane now which is really significant.


Thanks @AuntJane ! Your story is truly inspiring. I’m hoping to be able to walk without a cane when we travel. Walking around the house is a good place to start, at least until the snow and ice are gone outside. I don’t want to be without a cane and slip and fall out there.

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That is fantastic, Gesine, and it will only get better and better =)).


Thanks @Momof5 ! I didn’t imagine it getting this good until it happened. Better is indeed a pleasant thing to look forward to!