👀 Are You Showering Too Much?

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Canada’s latest contribution to the zeitgeist. Just what we need.

(Bunny) #2

Never shower too much we need our skin bugs to protect us…lol

Old Friends:

(Ethan) #3

If I don’t shower every day, I get horrible ingrown hairs/blocked pores all over that get badly infected.


YUP! And… you’ll start looking and maybe smelling like a hippy! You can almost always tell an unshowered person just looking at them. No thanks! I’ll be the clean and refreshed looking guy.

(Doug) #5

Where do you hide something from a hippy?

– Under the soap.

(Very old joke.)


Seems illogical that a supposed beneficial parasite would cause disease when it flourishes unless it’s only assumed to be commensal because of grain consumption and the lack of sun exposure to kill these parasites.

(Bob M) #7

If someone would only tell my kids that they don’t have to be in the shower more than maybe 15 minutes, that would be good. :wink:


All due to overeating and/or lack of physical activity.

A sign of overeating is when the hairs on the head aren’t holding themselves up because the pores are clogged.


That’s quite the assumption! The LAST thing I do is over eat, I have a physical job, and in the gym 6x week most weeks. Sorry, FAIL!

Don’t have that issue either.


@lfod14 Those comments weren’t directed at you. They were directed @EZB in regards to ingrown hairs/blocked pores.

Speak when spoken to and try living your life before the advent of the shower. Let’s see how long you can go without a modern invention before you see the error in your ways.


I’d STRONGLY advise watching your mouth! I’m not your kid / husband / wife! Welcome to Public Forums, If you don’t want your nonsense called out by others, don’t participate, or PM people and don’t post in a public thread. That’s how a forum works.


I meant it in the literal sense. Not the urban dictionary definition. Please go throw your weight around elsewhere.


I’m not throwing anything around, I’m telling you how it is. You don’t get to dictate who responds to your posts, period the end.


LOL. You can respond but your response makes no sense because my response to EZB wasn’t in regards to needing to shower and in fact you’re agreeing with me in regards to physical activity preventing pores from getting clogged.

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My parents cured me of taking long showers by requiring me to shower with the drain stopped. Once the tub was full, I had to stop showering.

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Folks, the quarantine restrictions have us all on edge. Please be kind to one another, and try to let stuff go, instead of responding to it. This is not Facebook or Twitter or, God forbid, the comments section on YouTube.

(Ethan) #17

I work out 4-7 times a week. You don’t know what you are talking about.

It’s actually a medicle condition with hair follicles (https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hidradenitis-suppurativa#1). It was much worse when I wasn’t keto/carnivore. I have it very very minor.


Your condition is exploding pores.

I don’t like loony vegans but this video is useful in your case. Yeast and dairy as the cause.

(Ethan) #19

I consume no yeast and limited dairy. Limiting dairy did help a lot, but i love heavy cream and cheese! That said, I really don’t have a big issue with it anymore except for a few circumstances:

  1. Post shaving
  2. if I don’t shower daily
  3. If I am sitting for a long time in a cramped space (e.g., international flights)

  1. I don’t know if this is your issue but I use to experience hairs stabbing my skin after they grew back out because of shaving with the grain. I always shave my neck/face upwards against the grain so the pointy cut part on the hair tip is at the top when it grows back out and then the bottom part of the hair tip simply glides on the skin when it grows out. If you can imagine it… The hair like this… //// and not like this stabbing into the skin… \\
    Also using a double edge safety razor feels as if a layer of skin is not taken off when shaving like it is with modern razors.

2 and 3. https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/501611

Your sweat is most likely reacting with the crap they add to clothing and/or your laundry detergent.

Clothing dyes are also an issue I’ve noticed that quickly irritate my skin. Same with antimicrobial coatings on polyester shirts.

More and more evidence to justify being nude and test the law. :laughing: