Are these measurements normal after exercise?

(Nicolas) #1

Hey, I started doing Keto 2 weeks ago, 1 month before that I was doing the Carnivore diet (with carbs tho).

I had Coffee with 15 Gr Coconut Oil / Organic with 20 ml Milk Cream (I think is the correct name in english), 1 teaspoon of cinammon and liquid stevia at 5:30 Pm

I measure my Ketone and Glucose levels at 5 Pm and they were
Glucose: 88mg/dL
Ketone: 1.9 mmol/L

I jog in odd days as in the country I reside we still have Quarantine, I did 1 hour exercise, my 1st 30 min was jogging at Aprox 70% My Maximum Heart Rate, then I walked for 10 Min, then another 10 Min jogging, then 10 min walking.

I came home at 7 Pm, at 8Pm I took half a lemon, made juice, put stevia on it and Aprox 250ml of water.

At 9 Pm I made a new measure, this time was:
Glucose: 66mg/dL
Ketone: 5.1 mmol/L

Is this normal? I would guess that Ketones are high because maybe Im burning fat, taking in consideration I eat less than 20Gr of Net Carbs (Maybe 14 Net Carbs) and the reason I have low glucose is because of that (low CHO) maybe?

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #2

Exercise should raise your glucose and depress your ketones. Those numbers sound fine to me. If you can afford the strips, why not test yourself periodically throughout the day on a non-exercise day to establish a baseline, and test yourself again at the same times of day on an exercise day, to see what the difference is.

Of course, glucose and ketone readings are volatile to begin with, but the comparison should still be illuminating.

(Bob M) #3

Those are possible values. I’ve been doing this so long, that I get the opposite effect – my blood sugar goes up and ketones generally down.

But what you show would not be unusual.

As Paul suggests, try taking blood sugar and ketones on a day you don’t exercise. If you can a good schedule would be: upon waking; around lunch; afternoon; before going to bed.

This should give you a good idea of a “normal” day, and then you could compare to a day when you exercise.