Are peanuts keto?

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Peanuts are not Paleo. Peanuts in small amounts can be Keto (and certain people – not looking at any Zorn in particular – apparently can’t have any PB in the house cos eating small amounts is an unreasonable demand). Paleo sometimes gets conflated with Keto because they are both grain free, and neither is…


I’m reading The Art and Science or Low Carbohydrate Performance and saw this.

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Well that’s it then - if it’s good enough for :phinney: & :volek: then it’s good enough for me.


I would love someone to tell me :phinney: and :volek: aren’t keto!

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Depends whether they’re coated in candy or not.

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You mean :phinney: and :volek: might be candy coated? Mmmmm!


Peanuts are legumes, correct? As in…not nuts.


So? Issues with legumes is a paleo thing.


Heard an explanation from Dr Nally on the keto talk podcast with Jimmy Moore about a week ago that described the anti nutrients peanuts have that made them less suitable than almonds on a keto diet. I will have to go back add listen again what he said…can’t remember the details.

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Heard the same explanation. I found it spectacularly unconvincing. No idea what an “anti-nutrient” might be (is it something like the mythical negative carbohydrate?). It was clear that that conversation was in the form “since we know by definition that peanuts are bad, what information-free sound bites can we say to reinforce that position”.

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That’s how I met my wife on an airplane she asked if she could have my peanuts and I thought she said something else and one thing led to another and here we are 20 years later with 3 kids ,Peanuts go figure,they can be dangerous on an airplane


Peanuts are part of the Mile High Club. Who knew? :airplane:

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When I first started keto I bought a big container of peanuts, never having read they should be avoided. It took me almost two months to finish the container, but I had no negative effects from them whatsoever, as far as ketosis, weight loss, blood glucose, blood pressure, etc.

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I can eat a whole jar of salted, roasted nuts… I never seem to get satisfied from them… Eat and eat and eat until I have a stomach ache… Eating them takes discipline… I find you can have some chicken liver pate with celery sticks and some nice cheese and get a real finished sort of feeling.

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I can’t eat just a little bits of nuts. Been there tried that…aaahhh

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I mostly do this for health and I believe legumes have an inflammatory response with me and contribute to acne and mental health problems. But can’t really see why they can’t be keto.

Of course most peanut butter is a different story, check the added sugar


I don’t have trouble overdoing nuts. Peanut butter is one of my favorite treats. Even so, I probably average eating it once a week or less (just so happens). This stuff is my favorite now that I don’t want added sugar. They even donate one jar to needy families for every jar you buy. PB

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I’ve seen mention a few places (although you couldn’t prove it here at the moment - google is failing me!) that nuts are probably easiest to deal with if planned and incorporated as part of a meal, rather than eaten as a snack. It makes sense to me, after I’ve eaten all the rest of the things I was intending to eat for lunch (2oz fresh mozzarella and 2 hard boiled eggs) the one ounce of almonds doesn’t leave me reaching for a second or 3rd ounce, the way it would if I ate it 3 hours later in the middle of the afternoon…

I’d be inclined to try the same with peanuts, but I don’t like them very much, on the other hand cashews are also a legume…

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Lmbo :rofl: