Are Johnsonville brats good on keto? Can i eat it?

(Mike Stevenson) #21

I’ve been eat brats since I started my keto diet in mid February and I’ve lost 48 pounds

(Randy Miller) #22

I’m addicted to them, 2 a day, affordable, cheese inside

(M) #23

This is coming from somebody who only eats things that are only 100 percent natural and wild but I won’t eat them. My mom eats them and they’ve got weird ingredients, like dextrose and corn syrup even if it’s less than 1 percent. I ate them as a child but won’t today. Pork ribs plain from the local farm smell good to me, the johnsonville bratwurst cooking no longer does. If you want the convince of the sausage, many local farms that do pastured pork will also sell sausages with no added sugar or weird stuff.