April ZornFast 2019

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

Hey, how is your fasting going? I’m doing some ketoaide myself this fasting round.

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

Weather was good so hubby decided we had to grill the lamb today because tomorrow is going to be rainy. At his request, I broke my 2nd fast at hr. 22 instead of waiting til tomorrow at 36 hrs.

My fasting mojo isn’t strong this month. Good thing my body has learned its new setpoint so I’m fine weight wise.

But I am not giving up, I will get in another 36 hr. fast starting tonight at 11PM and going til Monday.


Hi @Brenda
Have you posted about the results of your experiment and the most recent DEXA comparison?
I am wanting to know if you have proven the benefits of fasted lifting?
Reason I ask is I am returning to my gym tomorrow a.m. and want to get myself some proof of fasting and lifting being better than eating and lifting.:blush:

I have a staff of exercise physiologists there lined up against my claims that I will do better without any food before and after. They insist protein after, within a short time frame, builds muscle. I don’t believe them and they don’t believe me.
They are however, holders of doctorates in health science and exercise physiology whilst I am not.

As ever, thank you! :smiley:

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When I first read this my thought was “yes, they have been indoctrinated with the same old line of BS.” Luckily you are not, nor is Brenda. :smirk:

I thought I had read @Brenda did gain muscle but the search fuction isn’t pulling it up. It was a good number, I want to say @5 lbs., i"ve tagged her so maybe she will provide the real data for us soon.


I’ve started another 3 day fast. I misbehaved over the weekend and Monday. I turned 65 Saturday, and my daughter came in from Colorado for a surprise(!) visit which was truly delightful.

We got to do some shooting, EATING …OH MY… and lots of playing with the Grandsons. On Resurrection Sunday we ate and ate and ate, and the fun continued with leftovers for a 3rd day of Feasting. (Or should I say GORGING?)

So this fast is Damage Control. At least I KNOW I am able to fast and as long as I can, it is a pretty good safety net for maintenance.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #26

According to Dr. Keith Barr

Lucine containing protein after resistance training builds bulk. But strength does not require bulk.

By the time I reach maintenance weight I want a little more bulk but mostly my resistance training is for strength. I do 1 upper 1 lower slow resistance to failure / week and 1 of erach volumetric. I exercise in the morning and don’t usually eat breakfast. BTW I’m 65yo.


Eric, I’m interested in the “1 each of volumetric” you mentioned. I basically do Body By Science (Dr. Doug McGuff) since the risk of injuring this 65 year old mortal coil is lowered with that particular resistance protocol.

What are you adding?


(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #28

1 each as in upper one day and lower another. I mix the upper machines up. I don’t know their names. I am most interested in building arms, neck, shoulders and especially pecs (to rid myself of man boobs).

Is that what you mean.

Lower is

  • leg extension - pushing
  • leg curls
  • leg lifts (opposite of curl)
  • squezing thighs
  • widening thighs

My lower body is in great shape because it had to carry me around heavy for years.

Sorry I don’t know the names.

Does that answer your questions?


Ummmmm…my question is more along the lines of frequency of training. If you’ve read the McGuff book I referenced, he hammers home NOT OVERtraining.

But once a week doesn’t seem to be cutting it for me. So now I’m trying 2 nights–one trip a week for resistance training, with 5 compound sets, slowly… trying to arrive at UTTER failure in 60 to 90 seconds each. (And another trip tailored more for panting and sweating.) On the resistance training days, I usually do:

  1. Pull Downs
  2. Seated Chest Press
  3. Seated Rowing
  4. Over Head Press
  5. Leg Press

Then I wobble off to the shower, emphasis on WOBBLE.

That is on Wednesday or Thursday. My 2nd trip is Maybe Monday, Maybe Tuesday and is stationary bicycle or stair climber.

That’s it. 2 trips a week.

Is it working???


(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #30

I didn’t post it in the Forum but it was majorly Epic. Mind-blowing in fact.
On November 27th 2018 I had a dexa scan. For the next 90 days I ate ketogenic, of course, much much more fat because I was extra hungry, kept my regular routine of lifting twice a week 2 sets of 10 as heavy as I could handle on 10 muscle groups. I fasted 30 of the 90 days in either five four or 3-day fasts. I actually did four 5-day fast in that 90 today time period. On February 27th I had a second dexa scan. Not only did I gain 7 lb of lean mass, I lost 10 pounds of fat and I wasn’t trying to lose weight. Next time I do this I’m going to track fat. I ate a mind-blowing amount of fat during that time.


Music to my ears Brenda!!!
I have just got back into the gym (post eye surgeries they wouldn’t let me in til I had clearance from the surgeon). I am the only person there who has declined the Nestle protein drink (which of course contains sugar) and everyone is telling me how wonderful it is for post exercise recovery.
Everyone in this gym is confident that I am deluded!
Thank you so much Brenda, for this wonderful research.
I can now confidently tell the exercise physiologists I know of a woman who…proved them wrong re fasting and exercise and muscle building!
Congratulations on your perseverance and wonderful results! :slight_smile:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #32

you-re welcome. Poke me again some time and I’ll give you a link to a presentation at a CME accredited conference where THEY USED MY DATA to show fasting builds muscle. Lol


Thank you Brenda, will do.
Big thank you for sharing the infomation and congratulations it is truly fantastic.
I love that you are doing this and actually getting numbers and DEXAs for evidence of progress and changes and sharing them with us so we (speaking for myself) can be inspired to follow your example. For me it is so much easier now you have done this. I love that you are are springing up and taking on the establishment to claw back our health!

My hospital gym has signs up all round it now with percentages of fat in different foods, horizontal comparison bar graphs…so that people will eat the foods with less fat. :joy:
I was interested to see that chicken thighs have 15% more fat than chicken breast so I immediately bought myself more chicken thighs. I am reverse applying their data to get more fat with my protein.
They can’t believe I (in what they perceive as my misguided ignorance) am still losing cms…I have told them I am keto-ing and they anticipated my failure due to my misguided eating of fats. :innocent:

Yes, I will definitely poke you for a link to YOUR DATA!!!
Can’t wait to read it.
You have made my year!


I’m going to poke you too. I want me some of that lovey, lovely science!

(Windmill Tilter) #35

Hi Brenda, sorry to ressurrect an old thread. You and I chatted about your experiments over at the IDM forum back in March as I was setting up my own experiments. I did extended fasting and lifting for about 3 months, and I was really pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I don’t really have access to DEXA because in NY State, it requires a doctors prescription, and it costs a fortune!

I’m super curious to know if you have had any DEXA’s since Feb and if you’ve done any more “experiments” building muscle mass in conjunction with extended fasting. You’re breaking some pretty cool ground! I’m restarting my weight lifting and fasting, and I’d love to see what’s been working well for you. :blush:

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Sorry, nothing new. If you would like to reach me in here in the future, just message me directly @Brenda :slight_smile:

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