APRIL IF/EF Fasting Support Thread

(Jane) #1

I started a 48-hr fast after lunch yesterday so I thought I would start a new thread for April for fasting support.

Wellcome all intermittent and extended fasters!


(Jane) #2

Hubby fasting with me, so nice to have his support (and no cooking!) So far, so good. Had my usual hunger wave yesterday evening but some salt and black coffee took care of it.

Today, no hunger so far but I expect another wave around our usual lunch time. By then I will be 24-hrs in and the hunger is mild and easily ignored.

I have 6 online meetings today (!) which will make the day go faster. Feast of famine - none tomorrow.


Still no EF for me but my IF is pretty safe now :slight_smile: Sometimes my eating window is huge, 7 hours or something but usually I manage TMAD and about 4 hour. That’s good. Except a very tiny something in my coffees on some wild mornings… I do try not to drink any coffee until 3pm at least but I am not always successful.

Carnivore day #10 today, it’s quite good. I will try to have some OMAD days already…

I noticed that in the last few months I am better with being hungry. I can’t stand some serious, proper hunger but the little borderline hunger is fine, I won’t eat too early. The annoying after-meal hunger is worse but as long as it’s smallish and my appetite is so low I am unable to eat, I handle it until satiation kicks in (or dinnertime arrives. or I lose my patience). I don’t have that always but well, it’s my new, leaner, more meaty style of carnivore so I may get bored of my food before I get satiated.
But my macros are good enough and I don’t get tempted at all. I wrote elsewhere that if I lost it and went wild, that would be fattier food, not plants :smiley:


Love a thread for this! I wanted to do an EF the other day because I’m sick anyway, but thought better of it and just keeping bone broth down for now. Just in case my illness needs some of that nutrition.

But I do so much better fasting with others and it’s a lot more fun sharing the experience throughout each day. I have a supportive husband to like you do but I’ve not tried to get him to fast with me yet. It’s awesome that yours does with you!! Right now when I fast I just announce it’s bachelor season for three days and the eggs and bacon or just toast start flying nonstop for them. :rofl:

When I’m feeling better I will happily fast with any of you :blush:


My SO very rarely do even IF. He eats at 6am first and around 6m last normally but that works perfectly for him… And he can cook for himself. He only have energy and mood for it in the weekends and that’s when the plant-based dishes emerge. As I don’t cook vegs :slight_smile:
I don’t mind cooking when fasting - as long as it’s not tempting for me and I prefer quick work too. Baked goods are exceptions, they are the less simple things I cook but they are fun. I do like to have food joy even when I don’t eat and cooking can be that.

Today was almost TMAD (21/3) but with a little snack in the morning, good enough for now.

(Marianne) #6

Good for you! It’s been so long since I’ve fasted (4 years, only 24-hour); I don’t even know what a 48-hour fast would be like. Part of me is wanting to try it again. Please keep us posted on how it was and what you discovered.

(Jane) #7

It wasn’t easy like my last fast but not hard, so medium I guess LOL.

Salt under my tongue and black coffee took ne through the mild hunger waves.

I used to start after dinner but found if I start after lunch I only have to deal with real hunger at dinner time and it is not strong hunger (what is that??? Never have it anymore).

By the time I wake up I am past that stage and the next day is easier for me. Then for 48-hrs I just need to go to lunch the following day, which is my first meal normally. And being 40+ hrs in there is zero hunger.


Meanwhile I need a really huge lunch to completely avoid hunger at dinnertime (and at midnight or something when my body decides if it had enough for the day. for some reason, I got hungry several times at that time). It’s not a well-fasted hunger so it’s worse and absolutely untolerable for me.
Well-fasted hunger is easier. Usually. So I prefer having my before EF OMAD meal at 4-5 pm. That is the safest and still not hard to do.
I still need to handle my normal eating time (3-6pm) the next day but it’s usually easy before 3pm and… I don’t remember what happens in the evening. It was so long ago. But that should be easier than my usual eating window.

I guess one day I just need to get determined and fast for some days… But I still need some big OMAD meal before.

Today I had TMAD with a cute 3 hour eating window (if I won’t eat later but I ate enough I am sure) not counting some coffees… I do try to do proper fasts, I just have problems when coffee is involved.


I think I need training for fasting too… Okay, I decide next week will have a new rule: no eating between 3pm and 4pm (it’s basically not eating until 4pm as why would I eat earlier?). All the other hours would be sooo easy (usually. there are rare exceptions) but this one? It’s right after I cook, my SO comes home, this is my normal first and most important mealtime since ages, it works for my body and mind - but not well enough for fat-loss, it’s just way too early. I am not even properly hungry most of the time yet but due to everything above and more, I rarely skip lunch. I need a little determination and push :slight_smile:

I am curious what will happen :slight_smile:


We came home at 3:50pm today so it was easy not to eat until 4pm :wink: (Except I had some coffees and even fat in the morning. Not very much but significant.)
I had a decent sized lunch and was SO HUNGRY at dinnertime. I had enough of being hungry now, it happened too many times lately :frowning: I really go for OMAD. Finally I got determined - when in the phase where easy satiation just can’t happen even on carnivore. I am curious and hopeful :slight_smile: I even bought some nice dense food that should help with OMAD! Let’s do this.


Hello thank you for starting the thread. I just done 48 hours which I find pretty ok done few and also 60 hours or so. I’m ok fasting but really struggling with post fast diarrhoea for about 24hours. Also when I break fast my face gets really red and flushed. I wonder if anyone experience similar? I’m breaking fast with home made broth initially then protein with some veggies and Greek yogurt, shelled hemp and some nuts. This is approx 1000 calories. Do you think this is too much , hence diarrhoea? Thank you :pray:


Well done keep it up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can do it once you get mentality focused!!! You got this.

(Jane) #14

I have dealt with post-fast diarrhea and have no idea how to avoid it. I have had it mid-fast so not sure what to do. Doesn’t seem to correlate with what I ate before starting my fast or how I broke it.

This last fast I experienced it mid-fast twice but nothing after I broke my fast. I just took Immodium AD and it stopped it.


Good idea Janie thank you.