APRIL 2021 Zornfast Apr. 15-18th


Getting the link up early so people can plan ahead.

We are here to help each other with information sharing, questions, problems or concerns around doing extended fasting.

You do you, any fasting protocol is acceptable. You can start early or stay later, it is all up to you.



Yes, yes, I am totally in and very hopeful! I have a carnivore month, my relationship with food changed a lot already. My hunger is easier to ignore for a while, my appetite is often low so I have a smaller urge to eat when I just get somewhat hungry even if it’s proper hunger, I totally ignore “stomach hunger” since some months I think.
But eating a proper sized meal that lasts for very long will be tricky. Possible with planning I think. This time I even am willing to have broth if I must (maybe it won’t help any, I don’t know. it always made me hungry but maybe it helps with a few hours, I am fine with OMAD on carnivore, I really can’t fast so long on it).
But it’s good I have some more time to get used to things. I don’t feel ready yet. But I will be :wink:


Shinita, I find a cup of broth can be really helpful sometimes. When I get sinus drainage going on, I usually fail at fasting completely. Lately I have found that the broth can help to slow down the urge to eat solid foods while the issue is occurring.

My usual diet is heavy in animal products but I found I didn’t do well when I experimented with just animal products. I like the idea a lot, meal planning gets very simple that way. But I do better with some low carb veggies and berries added in.


I lost my interest in most veggies - fruits (definitely not only berries, I never restricted myself that way) are another thing but at least I am good with tiny amounts. And I don’t need either group physically, they are merely nice even if less than ideal.

I planned to try fasting longer starting Monday… But I don’t seem to be ready for it. Not even when I ate a ton the previous (non-carnivore) day. I don’t even last until my usual lunchtime! But I try every day, maybe it will happen tomorrow :slight_smile: And I am always more determined when it’s the real, official Zornfast time. But considering how I am now, I will be happy with a few hour long eating window every day. Well not exactly happy but I should be realistic :wink:

I can’t even make broth yet (all my shopping trips got postponed lately), Friday will be the day!

Where are the others who are all so much better at this than me?


Well it looks like Zornfast is over for this month. I did my alternate day eating for the whole week and was successful at hammering down that nasty bounce.

I think I might just carry on with ADFasting for another week or so and see how that goes.


See ya next month.


Well. It was my least successful Zornfast ever. I just got hungry and couldn’t eat big enough meals so I got hungry again and it wasn’t the type of hunger I could ignore. I can’t do it if my body doesn’t cooperate.
I have these mostly carnivore days with too many too small meals lately (again), I try to go back to my convenient normal pattern in the near future already…


Had a chat with Brenda, going forwards we won’t be using Zornfast. I will continue to post a month extended fast, just won’t be called Zornfast.