Anyone's Cholesterol stay high after 2 years on Keto?

(Chuck) #41

While I eat eggs, I don’t more than a couple times a week because they don’t fill me up the way that my smoothies do. My doctor was asking because he wasn’t an egg eater and he was doing keto too. He started about the same time I started.


Unit converters, ton of them online. Gotta use them for what you’re converting though, so you can’t just blindly convert mmol/L to mg/dL because different things will come out differently.

This one does them all at once

(Todd Allen) #43

Been keto roughly 7 years and my cholesterol both ldl and hdl have roughly tripled. They tightly track with body fat loss, going up as I lose fat and dropping back when I regain fat. TC most recently was 450 and I expect it will be about 600 if I reach my body fat goal

(Robin) #44

I hear ya! It’s hard to see those numbers and simply ignore them while all we hear from the medical community is death and doom doom doom.

(Todd Allen) #45

I was concerned when my cholesterol started rising. I had a thorough cardiology work up which didn’t find anything. A few years later after my cholesterol was much higher my doc pushed hard for more tests. Despite being fitter and feeling healthy I consented. And again nothing. Since going keto I feel good and like what I see in the mirror. My other labs are great. This might sound nuts but when younger I got a rush from racing bicycles, motorcycles and hang gliders and now I am enjoying racing cholesterol. Poor judgement could eventually be my downfall but until then I am going to have fun.

(Kirk Wolak) #46

Agreed, NHANES shows that the older you are, the lower your LDL, the sooner you pass!