Anyone's Cholesterol stay high after 2 years on Keto?

(Denise) #1

Happy New Year to all:

I’ve gotten all the info on cholesterol but still find a lot of info on how many on Keto have their numbers go down, and mine are not. I just had my lipids done again after 2 years on Keto, and they were actually higher than last time (350 now 386).

I already know many of you don’t worry about it, but I’d like to hear from others that still have a concern if your cholesterol is high. I also know about the Trigs/HDL so I’ll put my results down below (both past #'s and latest). Thanks for any new information, possibly some up to date info from Feldman, or Bikman. I know I can look on Youtube, but mostly looking for someone to talk to that’s in the same boat. I don’t take anything for my high cholesterol but have stuck “religiously” to my keto with very low carb, protein, and fats. Weight is at 110, and I’m 5’2", use the gym, feel good most days at 70 years old. Denise

(Robin) #2

Yes ma’am.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

Your ratio of triglycerides to HDL is pretty close to 1.0, which means your cardiovascular risk is very low. If you had an NMR test done, it would show the healthy Pattern A.

Do you know if you qualify as one of Dave Feldman’s lean-mass hyper-responders? If so, he’s looking for participants in a study to determine just what a high LDL reading means in LMHR’s.

LDL level in and of itself has not been shown to be a very accurate marker of cardiovascular risk. There have recently been a couple of lectures posted on these forums, one by Paul Mason and the other by Bret Scher, in which they discuss cardiovascular risk factors. If you can find them, take a look, and they’ll probably put your mind at ease.

(Allie) #4

Yes and it was rising, but I’ve not checked for years now and never give it any thought.

(Denise) #5

How high is yours Robin if you want to tell me? And you’ve been on Keto quite a long time, longer than me for sure :wink:

(Denise) #6

I wonder if I should even allow them to test for the lipids because I don’t even worry, or think about it til I get them done :crazy_face:

(Denise) #7

All good infor, thanks Paul. I went on Dave’s Facebook page and no one thought I was a hyper-responder, Dave himself didn’t respond but I’m sure he is a busy guy. I think I would have felt better if I was an LMHR!! What is an NMR test Paul?

I’ll go search for the Paul Mason lecture, and Bret’s, thanks again :wink:

(Denise) #8

Should have asked if you are LMHR as well Robin :wink:

(Denise) #9

Did I find the right ones @PaulL ??

(Denise) #10

I can’t get the Bret Scher one to show up?? I was able to save it on Youtube though?

(Chuck) #11

I have question, I have only been doing Keto since the first of September, had my lab test in mid December. My HDL is 50, and my Triglycerides is 56. I am weighing 209.7 and my doctor says I need to be down to at least 180. What is your thoughts?
For some of you I only eat eggs a couple of times a week so I am only eat about 4 maybe 5 eggs weekly. Most morning I have smoothies that are my own recipe, that prettier much is the main meal of my day, almond milk, heavy cream, coconut oil, spinach or kale, sometimes cocoa powder, and whey protein powder. I also add berries to my smoothies most days too.

(Allie) #12

This was mine from 2019, I haven’t bothered since.

(Robin) #13

My ldl was 400 and my total was 500.
But my HDL, glucose, and Trigs were great

(Robin) #14

No idea. :thinking:

(Bob M) #15

I’m hoping you get to 180. It’s doubtful it’s necessary though. (And, in fact, if that makes you lean, you’d be more likely to have higher LDL.)

(Chuck) #16

As of December my hdl is 50 and my ldl is 49, my total cholesterol is 110, and my triglycerides is 56.

(Bob M) #17

Are you on statins or PCSK9 inhibitor? Or are you eating vegetarian? The HDL and trigs are good, but those are very low TC and LDL.

(Chuck) #18

I was on a cholesterol medication up until this last August. No way am I a vegetarian, most of my life I have had low cholesterol, but it spiked about two years ago, my doctor thought it had something to do with the Covid vaccine. I was taken off of the drug when my cholesterol fail to below 100, and my weight was at about 240. It was my doctors suggestion to try Keto. I use the VA clinic and my doctor was a Navy corpsman, medic, so he is no stranger to thinking outside the box. I will have new lab work in April. I do eat vegetables daily but I also eat all types of meat including wild meat.

(Denise) #19

Ok, I’m right there with’ya!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #20

NMR = nuclear magnetic resonance. It tells you your aggregate particle count plus a reading of particle counts by size. The sizes fall into two typical patterns. Pattern A means very low cardiovascular risk, Pattern B means high risk. And of course there can be readings that are mixed.

But with a ratio of triglycerides to HDL as good as yours, Pattern A is guaranteed.